The 10 Best Stocking Stuffers For Tweens And Teens

I LOVE stuffing stockings! And I believe kids never outgrow them. This year, I’ve tried to be more intentional about the items, making sure they are fun yet USEFUL too. For example, I normally put a least one gag gift in my practical joker son’s stocking, but they always end up as junk on the floor.

Here’s a list of ideas for you.  I’ve found great places to find great stocking stuffers include World Market, Five and Below, CVS, and Target.

Stockings stuffed to the max in a cabin in my home state of Missouri for Christmas 2017.
  1. Gift cards: $5 to Starbucks, Target, Daily Juice, Amy’s Ice Cream, Hat Creek, Shake Shack…
  2. Socks: Fuzzy and/or funny.
  3. Gum and candy: They never outgrow it! Gumballs, Sour Patch Kids, Juicy Fruit (family tradition), Kinder egg, M&Ms candy cane.
  4. Coupons: For experiences and time together (board games, dinner/breakfast out, rock climbing, jumping, gaming, hiking, Slurpee…).
  5. List: “25 Things I’ve Loved Watching You Do in 2018” (I do this every year, and it’s a wonderful way to capture and remember the highlights from the year). Attached the list to a special ornament to build a yearly collection for your child.
  6. Tech accessories: Batteries ( we FLY through these things!), rechargeable batteries, ear buds, phone charger, power bank, mini speaker, alarm clock.
  7. Grooming/beauty products: Deodorant (good for teenage boys!), nail polish, styling gel, facial wipes, face mask, hair ties, lip balm (my favorite is the Chapstick brand), earrings, temporary tattoos.
  8. Something to read/write: Magazine, joke book, Mad Libs, journal, coloring book (with corresponding pens, crayons, markers), novel. 
  9. Drink packages: Pumpkin spice mix, hot chocolate.
  10. Play and build: Metal Earth 3D Metal Model DIY Kits, Kanoodle game board, playing cards.

I wish you and your tween/teens a little less eye rolling this Christmas! In all seriousness, though, may you enjoy the gift of being together, and laugh a little extra this year.

My 14-year old son’s stocking goodies.
My 11-year old daughter’s stocking loot.
Brittany Jedrzejewski
Brittany’s two children (now a teen and a tween!), have gifted her with the most beautiful name (and role) in the world. Their journey together inspires her to pursue her passion of writing, a powerful catalyst that brings mothers together in sisterhood. As the Preemptive Love Coalition says, “When we live like we all belong to each other, we answer much of the longing in the world.” Brittany is grateful for a work-life balance in digital marketing @gemalto and as a brand architect working with female entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place for their clients. She’s also an outdoor lover, reader, memory maker, runner, joke teller, ambassador for the poor. Looking to publish The Virtual Village. She has a great Brad Pitt story and uses Instagram @brittfarjed to tell her story.


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