Christmas Brunch

Christmas Morning

As a mom, few things are more exciting to me than watching my kids on Christmas morning.  It’s a magical time of year and one of my biggest personal goals for this time is to be present.  I want to soak in the memories and feel all the feels.  I don’t want to be in the kitchen, missing the little moments.  But let’s get real.  Kids gotta eat and the last thing I want on Christmas morning is a hangry, dramatic 2 year old and a whiny 5 year old.  So our Christmas brunch is simple, made the day before, and everyone loves it! 


We start out with coffee.  A big ole pot and all the yummy creamers.  This is fairly obvious but it couldn’t not be said.  So yes.  Drink lots of coffee on Christmas! Set the timer for it the night before.  If you have more people than one coffee pot can manage, try these recipes in your slow-cooker or Instant Pot slow-cooker function.  

Vanilla Latte

Peppermint Mocha

Each recipe calls for brewed coffee.  So do this the day before and store it in the fridge.  If your family likes to get a little boozy in the morning, try freezing the coffee into ice cubes.  Then in the morning, drop 2 or 3 of them in a little mug with Baileys.  You’re welcome.  You can also try this delicious Christmas morning punch.  I’ve never tried this, but I bet you could swap out the ginger ale for champagne.  Just an idea! 

Make Ahead Recipes

Our staple Christmas brunch dish is this Pumpkin French Toast Bake.   We usually do two big dishes full and it feeds a crowd with plenty of leftovers.  Serve with sliced fruit.  Done! 

If you’re totally done with all things pumpkin by this point in the year, then give this simple French Toast bake a try.  It’s absolutely delicious.  For gluten free families, simply buy your favorite gluten free bread to use in the recipe.  If you avoid all grains or follow a Paleo diet, this Cinnamon Roll Coffee cake is perfection

We eat eggs nearly every single day as it is, so I tend to skip them on holidays and splurge with the sweet baked goods.  But if full-on protein is more your style, simply whip up this Easy Low Carb Keto Breakfast Casserole.  There are a ton of similar options on Pinterest.  It’s more a method rather than an exact science, so feel free to change it up to fit your family’s preferences.  

Enjoy Your Day

Other than all of that, keep it simple.  Cut up some fresh fruit or better yet serve a pre-made fruit tray.  No one is thinking about the perfection of your food on Christmas morning.  

Keep it simple, keep it yummy, and keep yourself in the moment with your family.  

Merry Christmas! 




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