Holiday Appetizers

Don’t fret this holiday season when it comes to cooking up something delicious and appetizing.  Do you have someone to impress…say a boss or in-law?  The appetizer can always start the night off on the right or wrong foot and needs to partner well with the beverages offered.  So, if you are tired of your normal chips and dip then check these interesting recipes out for your next holiday appetizer.

1| Baked Biscuit Wreath Dip – Okay, I know it is a dip but appetizers are finger foods and this one will hit the spot as far as looks and taste.  Basically a cheesy spinach concoction baked with fluffy biscuits planted around it to symbolize a wreath.  Yum.

2| French Dip Sliders Who doesn’t love a good slider…a small bite size sandwich with hunks of thin meat and melted cheese, so good.  You may have to serve these with small personal ramekins so your guests can dip after each bite.

3| Mini Cheese Ball Bites – Cream cheese with cranberries and nuts will make your mouth water.  This recipe states you do not have to use the blue cheese if it’s too strong for your guests, and can change up the dried fruit and nuts to please the palette.

4| 3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Sweet and Spicy Party Meatballs – This recipe is perfect to be added to your last minute appetizer menu because you heat up that slow cooker, grab some frozen meatballs and mix the sweet and spicy together…then leave it alone to simmer and meld.  Perfection.

5| Caprese Christmas Wreath – What a beautiful way to enjoy a simple caprese appetizer.  Arrange skewers of grape/cherry tomatoes and small mozzarella balls around a plate to symbolize a wreath.  This recipe also adds a great balsamic glaze to the mix for lovely dipping.  Healthy and a little sweet.

6| Antipasto Christmas Tree – Who doesn’t love a simple antipasto plate with sausage, cheese and olives!  Then place it all together to form a beautiful tree with rosemary sprigs to separate the items.  This is sure to satisfy your guests while they sip on a glass of wine.

7| Spiced Mable Rosemary Paleo Mixed Nuts – Combining the sweetness of maple syrup and the spiciness of cayenne pepper on a mixture of meaty nuts then you are good to go for an additional holiday appetizer…this would be a great New Year’s snack.

Whether you are only hosting your family or organizing your office holiday party, we hope these will help you get your guests nibbling while they mingle.

What is your go to appetizer for the holidays?

Abigail Head
Abigail Head is a native Texan living in Central Austin with her hunky husband, Chad and their two strong willed rugrats. Their 6 year old son, Teak, is a true walking miracle and a strong force to be reckoned with. Sloan, their spunky firecracker and 2 year old daughter, is a fearless monkey on the playground. Abby loves chocolate, antiques, being creative, authentic people, and lots of coffee! She has been in the real estate business for over a decade however these days keeps busy wrangling her two little redheads and tries to find time to do something else she loves, write. Follow her and her family's shenanigans in the little squares on Instagram @theheadhouseatx or her little blog


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