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Child Identity Theft Is The Fastest Growing

Crime In The US

25% of all children will be victims of identity theft before they turn 18*

     Mamas…corporate data breaches are a daily occurrence. Personal and private information is released onto the ever expanding world..wide..web to much a hacker’s delight. Millions and millions of both adults and children’s personal information including social security numbers have been exposed.

     In addition to these ‘data’ breaches, stop & think for a moment about all the other ways children’s personal information is exposed. When our kids start school, camp, sports, we are filling out form after form with all their personal information including social security numbers. Where’s this stuff even stored? In a milk crate in the back of the coach’s car? In a filing cabinet at the school? Truth is, we have no idea!

Busy, Busy, Busy

With everything we as parents have to deal with, we just don’t have the time to worry about child identity theft. Identity Protection Planning LLC focuses on educating, organizing and protecting against family identity theft by offering Identron family focused identity protection plans.

To learn more about child identity theft please visit www.IdentityProtectionPlanning.com  For roughly 80¢ a day a family of four will be protected. 

Take 5 minutes of your day to check out what these plans have to offer. www.Identron.com


*according to the Federal Trade Commission #identron #identitytheft #identitytheftunfortunatleylifesnewestnecessity #identityprotectionplanning #sponsored



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