Turning A House Into A Home: Caring For Your Space

My husband and I have owned two houses in our time together as a married couple. It took a second house and almost 3 years in said house for me to finally figure out what makes a house seem like a lived in home.

The answer it turns out is to not leave your walls blank.

When we first moved in, our house was very much a blank slate.

When we first moved into our current home, it was the beginning of a busy summer. I was involved in a theater production and we had lots of trips out of town planned.

So we did not have much time to really make our house OUR house. 

Then the following fall, when I was pregnant with our son, it suddenly became a priority to make our house more of a home. We started small with the addition of curtains and area rugs. Then we progressed to painting the nursery.  

A mini gallery wall of my son.

After my son was born we suddenly had tons of pictures we wanted to show off of our family. We then added nice frames, and shelves to our walls. After we realized how much better our home looked, we started purposely looking for pictures or signs to hang. We found some very Austin pictures, as well as making our own signs and viola our house looked even better.  

Nowadays, my house may be messier than it ever was before I had a kid, but you know what? The toys and train table strewn across the living room really add to the “lived in” feeling. Also going all out with decorations for the season really helped.

Shelves help!

So my advice mamas? Start small. Start with decorating walls and see where it takes you.


Veronica DeSantos Ryan
Hi Austin mamas! I am Veronica DeSantos Ryan, a mama from Round Rock. My husband and I moved to the area in 2014 and love every minute of it. Our baby Oliver (May 2016) is the light of our life and we are enjoying every minute with him. After spending seven years teaching, I decided that I wanted to be a stay at home mom and teacher of life to my little boy. As a family we love running with Ollie in his jogger stroller, having picnics outside, playing with our two dogs and exploring all the the Austin area has to offer! I am also a performing princess for Lexi's Little Princesses Princess company, a teaching artist at The Georgetown Palace Theatre, and a member of the singing group The Vintage Dreams. I am an avid reader, piano player, singer, and occasional actress in community theater, and have recently been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles and More.


  1. This is so true! There’s nothing like subtle visual stimulation to make a place feel unique, beautiful, and homey.


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