Raising A Girly Girl When You Are Not So Girly…

I’m a Non Girly-Girl Raising a Girly Girl

Pink tutus, princess shoes, tiaras, frilly skirts, rainbows and unicorns are what excite my daughter these days, oh and glitter, cannot forget the sparkliness of glitter. 

It is a lot to swallow for this not so girly girl mom. 

Now, don’t get me wrong mamas, I love to get dressed up in pretty dresses, heels, flowy earrings, etc, but I feel like I kind of outgrew the love of all things girly when I was younger.  Now as a mom to a girly girl, I am searching for that little princess in me from years ago who’s favorite thing was to dress up her Barbies and play mom to my baby dolls.

I have become the person who prefers jeans over skirts on days that end in y, blue over pink, stripes and simplicity over floral.  My daughter can walk in any store and gravitate towards the pinkest, sparkliest girly thing in there.  She twirls up and down aisles bumping into people and knocking things down.  She makes sure everyone knows her favorite colors are pink and purple.

 It makes me think of that famous conversation between Julia Roberts’ character and Sally Field’s character in the movie Steel Magnolias…”my colors are blush and bashful” and “her colors are pink and pink.”

She is Ms. Priss when it comes to getting dressed and barely ends up wearing the outfit that I place on the bed for her to wear.  Every skirt or dress has to have somewhat of a twirl to it when she spins…or it will not work

I roll my eyes at this sweet red-headed little girl all too much, however I secretly love her honesty.  She is who she is and I worry my opinions will squash her wants a little.  She looks to me to tell her she is beautiful and it consists of what she is wearing. 

I do not want her to grow up thinking her worth is solely based on what she is wearing or how she looks. 

Yes, these are not unimportant aspects of being a human being in this social influencing world, however, they are not the most important. 

My motherly instinct is to correct her “pinkalicous” mood however this is not the right attitude as a mother bringing up a strong willed little girl.  I vow to let go of my mommy ideas of what my little girl was to look and act like and embrace her inner pink position even if it includes a bunch of sass.

This girl has so much character that it is literally coming out of all the pores on her body.  She is noticed wherever we go…yes partially because she is prancing around, but she makes faces and comments that you would not believe at the young age of four.   The world needs to know this little frilly glittery girly-girl whether she stays this girly-girl or not.  It is part of my purpose as a woman and mother to bring her up to be a good person, follow the rules (most of the time) and in the end to be the person she was meant to be without any negative strongholds that I might have brought upon her. 

I fail as a mother every single day.  I fail as a wife every single day.  I fail as a human being every single day.  I want this child to not see herself through my insecurities however to see herself as her true being.  As her true “pinkaliciously” girly self.

Yes, I secretly wish her favorite color will be blue one day…but until then I choose to embrace her blush and bashful.

Are you raising a girl girl as a not-so-girly-mom? We’d love to connect with you in the comments. 

Abigail Head
Abigail Head is a native Texan living in Central Austin with her hunky husband, Chad and their two strong willed rugrats. Their 6 year old son, Teak, is a true walking miracle and a strong force to be reckoned with. Sloan, their spunky firecracker and 2 year old daughter, is a fearless monkey on the playground. Abby loves chocolate, antiques, being creative, authentic people, and lots of coffee! She has been in the real estate business for over a decade however these days keeps busy wrangling her two little redheads and tries to find time to do something else she loves, write. Follow her and her family's shenanigans in the little squares on Instagram @theheadhouseatx or her little blog www.theheadhouseatx.com.


  1. YES. I’m in the same boat. I loathe glitter. I loathe pink (although I’m warming up to it….sssshhhh!). I loathe frilly stuff. But, I put on my black yoga pants and smile whenever my little girl waltzes into the room in her newest costume concoction.


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