I’m Hardheaded And I Won’t Apologize For It

“You can’t hurt me. I have a hard head in more ways then one,” I joked with my hairdresser the first time I sat in her chair. It was something I often said to poke fun at myself before someone else could. I knew there was so much truth in that joke that it strung every time I said it.

It’s not my most shiny quality. I’ll admit that. But I’m sure it will be one mentioned most at my funeral.

Hard-headed and independent.

Those qualities are not ALL bad.

I’m a Taurus after all. I am exactly what my once star-gazing, hippie mom wanted. She knew what she was asking for when she asked her lady Dr for two things: “don’t let it hurt and make sure she’s born a Taurus.”

She actually wanted me to be bull headed? She knew there was good in that quality. She was on to something with her two requests. One, thank God for the heavenly effects of epidural. And two, bull-headed has served me well.

Here’s the thing. I thrive in the problem solving.

I make “no” a challenge not a road block. This is great for goal setting, business deals, and arguing with my husband (I kid about that last one…kind of). There’s rarely been something I set my mind to that I didn’t somehow get.

I’ve set my eyes on a few things in life. Things that I promised myself I’d make a priority in my life, and my stubbornness has helped me see these goals through.

One: Being a good mom.

I won’t claim to be excellent at many things but a good mom is one thing I have devoted my life to accomplishing. This doesn’t mean I’m great at this task every day. Oh no. I yell at my kids plenty when they don’t deserve it. I make mistakes all the time, but it’s the one thing I know I will continue to strive for every day that I’m living.

Two: A fiercely loyal friend.

Now there are plenty of friendships my hard-headedness have cost me. I’m not proud of those. But I can honestly say, when you’re my friend, I’ve got your back. I’ll fight to the death for my friends, even when they don’t ask for it. It’s like second nature to me. Something I can’t help. I get all mama bear for my friends. That hairdresser I joked with is the only lady I’ve let cut my hair in over ten years. Call me loyal or call me stubborn but she’s the best and she has become my friend. She gets me, my wet-nappy head right down to the stubborn stories I have to tell her while in her chair.

Three: I’m also fiercely loyal to myself once you cross me.

My stubborn mom taught me long ago, hurt me once, shame on you. Hurt me twice, shame on me. I’ve learned to protect myself by being stubborn. Some of your best and worst qualities are often defense mechanisms.

I’m a do-er not a sitter.

I get things done. I make a list and get all giddy by checking them off, because if I say I’m going to do something. I do. My hard-headed path wasn’t always mess free, but it has made me better and stronger with each fail, and the only way I achieved success after multiple failures was by being hard-headed.

I encourage you to be hard headed too!

So if you too are stubborn, hard-headed, bull-headed, or any other pet name you’ve earned along the way. Own it. Make it your very best quality. May it only make you better. May it be the propeller to your success because you’re so stubborn you never give up.


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