Last Minute Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party Ideas

When thinking of Super Bowl parties, you may think of spicy food, booze and questionable behavior…well that’s what it used to mean to my circle of friends and family, but then we all started having kids. For about a second we thought about not doing anything on Super Bowl Sunday, but we immediately realized that having kids should not stop us from participating in this long-standing tradition… we just needed to find a way to go from our legendary, no-holds-barred parties; to a more kid-friendly vibe, without sacrificing fun for our childless friends.

We wanted to incorporate some activities for the kids, so they could watch the game with us, for as long as they could, but when they got bored (about 20 minutes into the game), there would be other options for them to do without us.

Let me first say that we did not spend weeks planning and preparing this list, more like the night before (hello I am a procrastinator) so all of my suggestions are quick and easy to execute. Most importantly, have fun! Guests usually take their cues from the host, so if you’re excited about the games you play and the distractions you have for the kids, the party will be a success and every one will think you are a genius! If you go in thinking you are participating in a watered down version of what your parties used to be, it WILL BE LAME and no one will have fun….So enjoy Sunday’s festivities with the die-hard fans and the kids.


*No need to change your line up of spicy wings and submarine sandwiches, just add a couple of small things that make it more kid friendly.
*Fruit squeeze pouches and juice boxes don’t need to replace chips and beer, but most kids like them and are (for the most part) mess proof.
*Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut them into fun shapes or just in half…. Easy to eat and kid approved.
*Cookie decorating can be done with kids of all ages, make or buy sugar cookies, yummy frosting and fun sprinkles and voila, you have dessert.
*Use chocolate pudding cups to make footballs, add some white masking tape to the front of the cup to mimic the stitching design of a football.
*Instead of buying just the giant bags of chips, get the small bags and label them ‘Kids Only’.
*If wings are on the menu, don’t forget to add plain ones for the younger generation.
*Just like adults, kids have there go-to snack foods: Gold fish, Gummy’s, Crackers, fruit, and Pop corn (for the older kiddos), add a couple to your spread…I bet the adults eat them too.


*When having a family style Super bowl party, consider having gift bags for the kids…call it ‘The Super bowl kit’. Put some crayons, bubbles, activity book, noisemakers, or any prop/item the kids might need for the games that are planned.*Purchase or make (depending on time) a football piñata, this could be the half-time activity for both adults and kids.
*Have a good old fashioned ‘Football’ hunt, use masking tape-for the ball stitching- to make plastic Easter eggs (we all have them), look like multi-colored footballs. Fill it with candy or have all the adults who came to the party, contribute loose change…. hide them at the beginning of the game and you can have the kids look for them during a long timeout or when there’s a challenge on a play.
*Decorate solo cups (everyone has solo-type cups at a football party) with masking tape, to simulate football stitching, instead of making them into a formation for a certain unnamed game using a triangle, stack them and make a pyramid out of them. Use the ping pong balls, that may be lying around with those solo cups (wink wink) and use them to try and topple the football pyramid. If you have enough teams, have a short tournament.
*During any quarter of the game, give the kids a list of football terms or phrases that the adults may say during the game; for example We got this…shake it off guys…why didn’t you go for it…Nooo…Go for the field goal…The ref needs glasses, etc. and the first kid to hear and write down the name of the person who said it, gets a prize.
*Bring noise makers for the kids, so when some of the adults start yelling and getting carried away with game, the kids can join in with clappers, whistles and honkers. Adults can be themselves and the kids can have permission to make as much noise as they want.
*If you prepare and kid safe a separate room, it gives the children a place to go if they are not enjoying the noise or the game. Put in a TV series, so it will constantly play (movies end) but Netflix and Hulu will play the series until it’s over. Add easy arts and crafts items, like football themed color pages and activity books found at a dollar store.
*Dress up contest for the kid who best represents their football team, it doesn’t have to only involve the teams that are playing. To get the crowd rallied up, dress as the rival of the teams that are playing.

If you are reading this and have other great ideas, add it to the comments, you can NEVER have enough ideas to entertain the kids.


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