Meet Chalimar Chieza

Hi AMB! I’m Chalimar, a mama, doula, educator and photographic enthusiast. Growing up in Austin, the younger sister with two older brothers, I’ve always been somewhat of a black sheep. Stubborn. A dreamer and a trailblazer- marching to the beat of my own drum. I see myself exactly in the eyes and determined spirit of my 3 year old daughter Rubye and I’ve learned quickly that there’s not many things more humbling than going toe to toe with a pint-sized and brilliant version of yourself. 
I’ve always been anything but traditional. I graduated college when I was 20 and immediately threw myself into the business marketing world recruiting for Fortune 100 companies, working 13+ hour days, wearing suits, heels and pantyhose. Although successful, I was absolutely miserable. I’m more on the wavelength of casual Friday everyday, not conference calls at 7am and client facing dinners at 7pm. 
I left that job confused and frustrated. I made a fatal error in college. I wasn’t following my dreams. I did what I thought I was supposed to do, but one year after graduating I vowed to let my purpose guide me and lead with my heart. 
I moved back to Austin after getting an alternative certification for teaching. It was then, ten years ago, that I met my future husband Tatenda for the first time and we began a budding friendship. Little did we know it would be almost 4 years, many relationships and broken hearts later before we reunited and quickly fell in love. It was truly meant to be. When I found out we were expecting our first child, Rubye, my heart overflowed. My life was brimming with blessings and I thanked God for all His glory. 
I remembered the vow I had made to myself and promised I would empower my little girl to unabashedly fly free and follow her dreams. I became a birth and postpartum doula through Doula Trainings International and MoonTribe Doula was born. I’d seen firsthand how birthing people really needed support and advocacy, love and nurturing and family throughout the birthing and postpartum period. T was there to support me while I navigated this new world every step of the way. 
Michelle Gardella Photography
Shortly after Rubye’s first birthday, T and I eloped at Bull Creek Park in northwest Austin. We soon found out that we had another baby on the way. Solomon Winston was born in our living room of our first house in East Austin just a few days into staff development training last school year. He is an old soul. Funny, observant and easy going.
I LOVE being a mama and I’m so excited to be on this journey with all of you! I don’t really have a lot of free-time between momming, teaching 8th and 9th grade History and birth work. When I do have time for self care, I love going to the movies, late nights at Justine’s Brasserie (hellllooo steak frites and Old Fashioneds!), drinking copious amounts of wine (Red, white, rose? I don’t discriminate!), cheering on Manchester United (because soccer is life in our house), and cooking gourmet-esque meals for my friends and family.
You will more than likely find me at a kiddie soccer game, marathon playdating so I can hang with friends while the kids wile out, poolside at Emler or racing through the aisles of Target- afro out, snacks on hand and essential oils on my heart PRAYING I can get outta there with a cartful of things I (probably) don’t really need before my daughter melts down (b/c I won’t buy her kombucha or lentil cakes or something) or my son poops his pants. 

I’m old school. I write down everything before I type it (even this blog!). My blood type is chai latte and my love language is fried chicken and peach cobbler (a la mode- duh). My kids think I’m hilarious and I regularly take recordings of them telling me how I’m their best friend and they love me most so I can replay it for them when they tell me they hate me and I’m ruining their lives. I may look like I have it all figured out but I’m in survival mode 90% of the time. A mama is only as strong as her tribe. Thank you for welcoming me to yours!
For over 30 years, Chalimar has called Austin her home. Inspired by the luscious Hill Country and sacred springs, Chalimar can be found most weekends wandering barefoot with her wildlings Rubye (2015) and Solomon (2017), showing them the beauty of nature and simplicity of life. Chalimar is married to her best friend and soulmate, Tatenda, a youth soccer coach. Her passions are photography, cooking and gardening. For the last 13 years, Chalimar has taught middle and high school History. After giving birth to her daughter, she also became a birth and postpartum doula with a goal of providing advocacy and eradicating the disparities in healthcare equality for birthing people. You can find Chalimar on Instagram (@chaliiib) and at MoonTribe Doula



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