15 Crafts For Wintertime

Growing up with a preschool teachin’ mom, an engineer dad, and three sisters, our house was full of glitter, crayons, and lots of creating. Our 1980s house had a built-in bar that my parents converted into a craft supply space. So when my husband and I purchased our first home, I went straight for the kitchen cabinets to claim my craft supply space.

My approach to crafts with my daughter, Henley, is to pull about five different things out of the cabinets and let her go wild with ‘em. But she has the most creative teacher, Ms. Elena, so Hen’s been pushing me to step my game up! For one of Austin’s rare wintery weekends, I planned a day of crafts and activities.

Here’s Henley’s top three! 

❆ Polar Bear

Materials: Construction paper, cotton balls, glitter glue, and stickers

Details: I drew a bear on the paper using a medium sized bowl for the face and small bowl for the ears. I let her take the rein with glitter glue and cotton balls to create the fur. Once our bear was nice and fluffy, she used glitter heart stickers for the ears and nose, and I helped her with a glitter glue eyes.

Activities: Crafts in our house have a lot of fanfare, so we read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? before we got going, and after our polar bear dried, we hid it and then brought dad in the room to go on a Polar Bear “hunt”.  


Materials: Beads and Pipe Cleaners

Details: Let your child string beads onto a pipe cleaner. If they need help stick the pipe cleaner in some playdoh to help it stand up. I love this craft for building fine motor skills. To amp up the winter factor, you can fashion the pipe cleaners into a snowflake instead of a bracelet.

Activities: We made bracelets and headbands before watching Frozen cuddled under a blanket with popcorn.

💜Valentine’s Day Card

Materials: Markers, paint, stickers, and paper – Or nab a set of cards + envelopes at Michaels.

Details: My approach is to set all the things out and let Henley dive right in!

Activities: Historically I scoff at Valentine’s Day, but Henley’s so excited to trade valentines with her classmates we’re embracing the holiday of love. I took the opportunity to talk to her about folks in need of some love and we decided to send her valentines to Soldiers Angels.

Looking for more wintery crafts? Here’s our must-try list!

And here’s a handful to get your kids in Valentine’s spirit!

What are your favorite winter crafts?


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