Celebrate Your Love Everyday

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and couples are scrambling to find ways to show their affection and appreciation for one another during the month of LOVE!  The spontaneous little things mean so much more to me than celebrating Valentine’s Day. I challenge you to find ways to celebrate your love every day, not exclusively on the hallmark holiday.

Check out some ideas I put together to make each other feel special, remind each other of your love and deepen your relationship by focusing on the little things.

  • No electronics – hide the phones, tv remote and turn off the computers, lean in and focus on each other sans electronics.
  • Game night – bust out the games and get competitive with your love, gin rummy is our favorite, go fish, speed, scrabble, monopoly are some fun ones!
  • Surprise him/her at work – getting a spontaneous visit for lunch or a quick coffee while at work can help break up a mundane day
  • Special dessert post kid’s bedtime – enjoy a sweet treat together such as chocolate fondue or your favorite sugary delight
  • Just because “flowers” – doesn’t necessarily need to be flowers, nor does it need to be roses, can be as simple as surprising your hubby with his favorite beer or breakfast tacos, whatever it is do it just because
  • Secret notes – write a sweet note with your partner’s best quality and hide it in their lunch, luggage for travel or on the mirror in the bathroom
  • Staycation – hire a sitter and splurge on a hotel for a night for a fun local evening together
  • Start a new show – find a new TV series to start and set aside weekly time to watch just the two of you
  • New recipes – find a new recipe to cook together and enjoy the tasty meal with a glass of vino
  • Day dates – dates don’t always have to be in the evening, set up a breakfast or lunch date to escape and reconnect over good food & conversation
  • Couples workout – find a new workout or gym and take a class together, you’ll be surprised how motivated you are when you’re sweating together
  • Breakfast in bed – there is no better way to wake up on the weekend than a home cooked breakfast while under the covers in your jammies, mmmmm bacon!
  • Clean out the car – as mom’s we all know the tornado that is the family car. Spending time cleaning out the car for your mate would score you huge brownie points
  • Put the kids to bed – when you see each other having a rough day, step up and offer to manage the bedtime routine solo and let your partner go put his/her feet up
  • Compliments – everyone loves hearing compliments, gives you an extra pep in your step and makes you feel loved and desired

What do you do to celebrate your love daily? Please share your ideas with me!


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