Moms Guide To Networking

I would like to imagine a perfect world where all of my closest friends had babies at the exact time I did. 

Spoiler alert… life does not work out that perfectly.  All of my friends had babies’ many years before I did. 

After months spent staying home barely surviving each day with twins,’ it was just easier to do my own thing.  But I needed to get out of my house.  Where would I go? Should I wear yoga pants?  Will the other Moms judge me when I leave after exactly one hour?  Because we are on a schedule and it is a small window before feeding time, diaper changing, and naps. 

Making Mom friends was new territory.

I had two things in common with other Moms- my personal goal was to lose baby weight and my love of food!  However, getting dinner on the table each night seemed near impossible.  How do other Moms accomplish this?  What I know for sure is this city breeds #Foodie and #Fitness Moms.  But where do they hang out? 

Here are a few ways to find support to go through this new chapter.  

Moms love to talk but how do you begin a conversation with a stranger?  Some (Ice Breakers) could include a smile, a compliment, or ask how they came up with their kids’ name.  Your kids will easily make friends on the playground so why is it so challenging for us?  Well if cauliflower can be a pizza crust then connecting with new Mom friends is easy.  Pick a place that you love to hang out at and at least you know that you have that in common although (Fair Warning) you may not actually finish a conversation. 

Discovering common interests over tea or a stroller walk seemed more natural to me.  Fresh air plus walking and talking about dinner shortcuts with a sprinkle of parenting advice is priceless.  So put on your yoga pants get out of your house. 

Where do you start?  Well, it is 2019 so search online of course! 

  • You can go to to find Moms clubs that offer weekly breakfasts, book clubs, or relaxed outings to engage with other Moms at every stage of the Motherhood journey. 
  • Hello Mamas app is a great way to meet local mothers in your area.  Plus it is really fun to fill out your profile! 

Whole Foods- Domain

  • FREE options and one of my personal favorites!  Whole Foods has a kids club.  It’s held every Tuesday morning from 9:30 -10:30 in the community room with story time activities and arts & crafts. Don’t forget to grab a piece of fruit on the wagon! 

Central Market- N Lamar Blvd

  • Central Market playground is always a favorite spot to go because of the store coffee bar, cafe, and free balloons!

Castle Hill Fitness- N Capital of Texas Hwy

  • Mama Strong class is offered mid-morning for babies before crawling.  Expectant Mothers are welcome.  This Mommy & Me Yoga class is sure to relax you into a starting a conversation!  

Fit 4 MOM

  • Various locations around the city and several fitness levels to choose from.  Fun, and engaging and I promise you will not be staring at your watch during the workout wishing it was over!


How do you network as a mom?



Priscilla is a coffee snob, coupon addict, Town Lake trail runner, Disney Mom who enjoys baking sweet treats.  She’s wife to Doug and Mom of twin girls’ Elizabeth & Evelyn (5).  Her baby story involved IVF which led to leaving her apartment manager career behind to pursue a dream as a stay-at-home Mom. She’s a classroom volunteer Mom or can be found at a bakery and farmers market.  She believes breakfast for dinner is a cure for a bad day.  Belgian waffles!  You can hear her contagious giggle on her Instagram Stories @prisbennett


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