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IDEA Public Schools Austin Celebrates 100% College Acceptance with IDEA Montopolis’ first Senior Class

IDEA Health Professions is one of IDEA Austin’s newest campuses that will develop future healthcare leaders starting in August 2019. This will be IDEA’s first diverse by design school. The campus will be located at 5816 Wilcab and will serve 468 students in grades K – 2 and 6.

When you apply to IDEA Health Professions, you can expect for your child to receive the knowledge, support, and resources to be accepted to, and matriculate to, a four-year university.  In fact, IDEA students in Austin are achieving college acceptances and are succeeding on the road to and through college. We are proud to announce that 100% of the Class of 2019 from IDEA Montopolis, IDEA’s inaugural class of graduating seniors in Austin, has been accepted to college. 

“This fall, my dream is to attend UT-Austin or Texas A&M and major in psychology. And, in 2023, I will be a first-generation college graduate and future psychiatrist.  I like to help people, and this is my way to pay it forward,” says Marcial Aguilar, IDEA Montopolis senior.  “I’m going to become the person I wish I would have had to rely on when I was younger. I’m proud to be a founding member of the IDEA Montopolis class and pave the way for Austin students to come.” We take pride in this momentous achievement because we believe a college degree is the most important steppingstone to success in life. This accomplishment is the culmination of our students’ hard work throughout their academic careers.  Every one of our seniors will graduate from IDEA ready to excel in college and eventually seek out the career of their choice.   

In total, more than 1,080 seniors at IDEA applied to a minimum of six colleges or universities, making the Class of 2019 IDEA’s largest graduating class ever! 

Acceptances ranged from local and state schools like The University of Texas at Austin and St. Edwards to prestigious and highly-selective schools like Yale University, Brown University, and Columbia University. 

“This amazing work could not be done without the support of our entire Team & Family,” said JoAnn Gama, IDEA’s Co-Founder, President, and Superintendent.  “I want to extend a huge shout out to our campus counseling teams, as well as our high school teams, who wrote letters of recommendations, reviewed college applications, and edited personal statements from students.” 

For an inside look at a magical college acceptance moment, take a look as IDEA Brownsville College Preparatory senior, Karla Camacho, learns of her acceptance to Yale University! Watch the video here.

To commemorate the class of 2019’s academic careers and to celebrate their college choices, IDEA will host its annual College Signing Day (CSD) events this April, which will include an inaugural CSD event in Austin.  This year, IDEA Austin is celebrating their first senior class from IDEA Montopolis where 95% of seniors are first-generation college students!

At College Signing Day, seniors will be recognized for their multiple college acceptances and reveal their final college selection to their peers, their teachers, administration, family and friends. 

IDEA Montopolis’ Inaugural College Signing Day event will take place Wednesday, April 17 at the Palmer Events Center at 10 a.m. You can livestream the event here.

Way to go, IDEA Montopolis Class of 2019!


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