Getting our kids to eat well can be a daily struggle, Right? As much as I’d love for my four and six year old children to crave vegetables every day, as I do, it just hasn’t happened yet! However, since nourishing my kiddos with good quality, fresh food is high on my priority list. I haven’t given up!!! I’ve come to rely on sneaking veggies, without mention or warning, right into our baked goods, meals and snacks. I have a few tried and true baking recipes in my “tool-kit” that are easy, delicious, low mess, and sneak in super foods like veggies and protein! My daughter Zia has an affinity for sugar, and is a pretty tough critic.  When I’ve won her over I consider it a huge victory! {Hallelujah!!}

First up is the One-Bowl Carrot, Cake Muffins by Real Food Whole Life. These “treats” are a favorite around here.  Nutrient dense, they only require ONE bowl!!!, and perfect for a speedy bus stop breakfast! Carrots are an easy sell, the flavor is subtle, and when combined with sweet flavors like honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup, you can barely taste them. I plan on making a big batch to have for Easter weekend! When I’m baking in the kitchen, I usually ask my daughter to help. She thinks it’s so fun to use the mixer, and I find that when I give her a chance to be creative in the kitchen, she tends to be more excited to eat her “art”. Win-Win!

Photo credit Robyn Downs

Looking for something with a chocolate flair? Try Against All Grains’, Nut-Free Chocolate Zucchini Muffins. First, these muffins have chocolate chips so they are already winning in the eyes of my kids! Second, the rich, fudge-like, cacao powder naturally masks the zucchini flavor!  Serve these fluffy, delicious treats warm with melted butter and a glass of milk for an after school snack you can feel good about!

*Note-I add collagen peptides to this recipe as Danielle recommends in her cookbook, Eat What You Love. Collagen Peptides are a sneaky, unflavored, undetected protein powder beneficial for digestion and healthy hair and skin! I actually add Collagen Peptides to almost every item I bake!! 

Are you looking for a mistake proof, organic, {locally born, ATX!!} option?! Then you need to try Green Belt Goods. This fab muffin mix was “created by a mom desperate to get her carb-loving son to eat some veggies”. Sound familiar?? We tried Choc-Kale-Lot, and my little ones are loving it!  {They didn’t even notice the kale, spinach or wheat grass! SCORE!}  It’s so nice to have a muffin mix that takes 5 minutes to make and already incorporates veggies!!! Give one of the two flavors a try, here

Source: Greenbelt Goods

I hope these recipes help you incorporate more sneaky greens and smiles this spring! Let me know what you think! Have a favorite that works in your home? Share it with us!! 


Cortney Zieky
Cortney is a mother of two, #atxfoodie and lover of fitness! She married her soul-mate, Max, after a love at first sight experience in Las Vegas. Together, they have two children Zander (7) and Zia (5). As a family, they love exploring Austin, trying new restaurants, s’mores by the fire, and vacationing in CO & Cali! Her passion lies in health and wellness. She adores grocery shopping, farmers markets, cooking new recipes, and exercise! Cortney is on a quest to keep her family healthy, dining on the cleanest ingredients, while still having fun and eating paleo chocolate chip cookies!! She started a Health Coaching business in 2019 to help families find the joy in living and eating healthfully! Follow her journey and learn more about her coaching services @happydinneratx and


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