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Lemonade Day–a day of earning, a lifetime of learning.  Register your children today for this FREE entrepreneurial program just for kids.

Do you have a “big idea” kiddo in your world?  Future chef or salesperson? A child always looking for a way to make a buck?  Someone who you’d like to teach the value of hard work, money management or giving back?  Are you looking to build communication, confidence or social skills with your little? If you can relate to any—or all—of these, Lemonade Day is the perfect program for you.

Haven’t heard of Lemonade Day? Don’t let the name confuse you, this program is so much more than  just a day!

So what is it, then?! Lemonade Day is a FREE experiential, educational program that provides kids with an opportunity to run their very own business—a lemonade stand.  The lessons are taught by parents and mentors through a fun, age-appropriate curriculum made available by generous area sponsors including HEB. After registering for Lemonade Day, you and your child will work through the curriculum, completing lessons and making decisions about their business. The lessons take approximately four hours to complete and can be spread over a week or a month, or even a day. Classmates, friends or even teams or organizations are welcome to participate in the program together.

Then on May 11th—Lemonade Day in Austin— your children will have the opportunity to put their newly acquired business knowledge to use—by setting up their lemonade stand business in locations throughout the city.

The money they make is theirs to keep or use how they wish.  Lemonade Day encourages participants to “spend some, share some and save some” of their stand earnings, providing great lessons in money management and social responsibility.  

To register and participate in this free entrepreneurial program, please CLICK HERE.   After registration is complete, you may pick up your parent and student workbooks and backpacks at any area YMCA and Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers locations.

Worried about timing to get this done before May 11th?  Or just want a little support teaching the program to your child?  Take advantage of our 2 hour “Lemonade Day Universities”—program overviews intended to get your kidreprenuers up and ready for Lemonade Day Austin 2019.  Visit the Lemonade Day Austin event page to check out the upcoming LDU sessions being held throughout Austin and the surrounding communities.

Have questions/special needs or want additional information?  

Please contact us at: [email protected] and we happily get back to you.

And if you’re unable to participate in this year’s Lemonade Day Austin, please remember to go out and support a young entrepreneur on May 11th.  Stand locations can be found online at: https://lemonadeday.org/austin/stands-map and throughout town.  


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