Spring Craft

The kids and I have been stuck inside for quite a few days due to the random spurts of rain.  April May showers bring May flowers?  In Central Texas, all bets are off with a weather pattern you can count on. And instead of braving the cold, wet raindrops, we decided to make some Spring-worthy crafts to keep our spirits high.  It may be a short-lived season here in Texas, but I assure you it’s well loved and when spring truly arrives, we’ll be ready.

So if you’re anything like me and think that saving every spaghetti jar, mason jar, glass jar… is somehow a necessity, you should have plenty of stock to choose from to complete this craft.  

What you need:

  • glass jar
  • Various fabric (Scrapbooking paper would work too if you seal it well enough)
  • Mod Podge crafting glue
  • small bowl
  • scissors
  • paintbrush (preferably one you can just toss when you’re done)




  1. Start by cutting the fabric into strips approximately the length or width of your jar.  Cut enough to cover the entire interior of the jar. 
  2. Pour approximately 2T. of Mod Podge into your bowl. 
  3. Using your paintbrush, paint the inside of your jar with Mod Podge and then coat your first strip of fabric as well. 
  4. Once you’re fabric is saturated, lay the fabric inside the jar, making sure it’s nice and flat and well-coated.   
  5. Continue this process until your entire jar is covered and no longer see through. 
  6. Cut off any excess fabric that is sticking from the lid of the jar.
  7. Set the jar aside and allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours.
  8. Once completely dry (allow extra time if needed), add water and flowers.
  9. Enjoy! 


Other things worth trying: glitter, scrapbooking paper, stickers, puff paint, ribbon, sequins, feathers–just make sure to seal everything really well or use dried flowers that require water.

Have a splendid Spring.

Lo is the Founder + Chief Innovation Officer of Trotting with Tots, a local stroller-toting mama tribe. When not scoping out new trails and neighborhoods to explore with the running group, she spends her time cooking up random vegan concoctions, inflicting pain on friends with her waxing skills, putzing around on her Cricut machine, inventing some new house project for her husband, and/or drinking wine while watching the latest episode of Intervention. Lo is married to her very own Magic Mike, whom she met on an airplane, and is lackey Mom to two munchkins (Gage + Gemma), and an allergy-ridden pup (Killian). She loves the color yellow, the sound of high heels on asphalt and gargantuan wind chimes.


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