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Tumbles the Learning Playground opened their doors to the Round Rock/Austin community January 12, 2019.  I’ve been lucky enough to spend a LOT of time there with my kid and I want to share with you the reasons why we absolutely love Tumbles and you will too.

2 Play Areas – Tumbles has two play areas for our kids to enjoy. The first is a tumble zone with a variety of slides, climbing, and obstacles.  The tumble zone isn’t used for the gym classes so kids are free to run and play here for as long as you need so they can go home tired and happy. Open Gym hours allow kids to play in the Tumbles gym.  With it’s huge trampoline that has soft foam blocks at one end so your kids can jump, tumble, and have a soft landing. There are a variety of mats, gymnastic blocks and cubes, and wedges that your kiddos can rearrange to suit their tumbling needs.  There is a climbing wall, a variety of toys, and more that make open gym amazing.

Gymnastic Classes (filled with fun and zero pressure) – There are some places that expect perfection from our kiddos from the moment they start their gymnastic classes. While I wanted my daughter to learn how to tumble, jump, and swing I didn’t want her to be stressed. I wanted a place where she could learn, have fun, make friends, and grow with, a tall order, but Tumbles fulfills it perfectly. Their focus is on teaching our children how to safely and correctly do gymnastics moves, but also have fun. They also understand the importance of having a variety of classes for the different life stages and growth of our kids. Their descriptions of each class help parents decide which one best fits their kid(s). 

Camps & Kid’s Night Out – Not only does Tumbles offer a variety of classes for ages 4 months to 10 years, but they also offer a variety of camps and Kid’s Night Out events. The camps are usually around the school holidays, like summer, spring break, winter break, etc. Campers can expect to have a lot of fun with different themes. Kid’s Night Out events give parents some time to themselves while their kiddos enjoy a fun filled evening of tumbling, food, a movie, and hanging out with friends. Please be sure to check the age restriction before signing your kiddos up!

Party Planning with Tumbles – It only takes a moment for you to check out their rave reviews to realize that Tumbles is THE place to have your kid’s party. All you need to supply are the kids, cake, candles, drinks, and paper goods for the adults and let Tumbles take care of the rest! From keeping your group of kids entertained to set-up and clean-up! You can literally kick back, relax, and actually enjoy your kid’s event while watching them have a blast with a zip-line and age appropriate games and fun!

The Tumbles Staff – There are so many reasons to love Tumbles, but the very top reason why we love going to Tumbles as often as we can is the staff. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable in what they teach during each class, but everyone genuinely loves to play and have fun with the kids. The staff pride themselves on not only have an amazingly clean and fun environment, but also make sure that they are taking the time to connect with each child and parent. This ensures that everyone is given their chance to shine, play, and be heard. The Tumbles staff will bring a smile to you and your kid’s faces, I guarantee it!

With all these amazing reasons to love Tumbles we think you should check them out! Tumbles gives you the chance to try out their classes free of charge! Simply sign up online or give them a call at 512-645-0442. Once you see your child laughing and learning you’ll realize what we already know, Tumbles the Learning Playground is the best! 


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