Summertime Birthdays in Austin can go one of two ways – Escaping the heat or Embracing the heat!

Either way, let’s agree planning a birthday party is A LOT OF WORK!  Once a year about a month before my twins’ birthday I turn into a fully fledged (Party Planner) In fact, ideas are swirling around in my head as I type this.  You may have heard of the phrase “Pinterest made me do it…”

With twins’ I only get one chance per year to make the birthday special! It starts with a location, picking a theme, planning a menu, deciding on table décor, and party favors.  But when exactly did this over-planning start?  Growing up my own birthday party was at a popular overpriced pizza place with a huge mechanical mouse (Chuck E. Cheese).  The guest list was mostly made up of cousins and neighbors.  The kids in my class were “third string” on the invitation list.

But times have changed!  What once was my mom handwriting the invitation, fast forward to me typing up the Evite in a matter of five minutes? You already know how much a birthday party at an Inflatable Bouncy Place can “set you back”!  Sometimes the best way to celebrate is to keep it reasonably priced.  Get creative!  I am all about budget-friendly themes and ideas to enjoy making birthday memories in the Summer!

Today the new party format is…

  1. Have an activity for the kids
  2. A meal with plenty of dietary choices
  3. Cake or cupcakes (but not both)
  4. Goodie bags for the guests to take home



Summer Blockbuster Movies are a HUGE deal in our family!  Pick your favorite movie-themed party that includes hot dogs, red and white popcorn boxes, a mini-concession stand full of theater boxed Skittles, M&M’s, and Milk Duds!

A Rock Climbing theme complete with an outdoor DIY wall to climb! Choose party favors like trail mix, Twizzlers, Clif bars, Pop Rocks, and Gatorade!

Baked by KIDS – Perfect for smaller sized parties where your junior chef will decorate their own cupcakes and shortbread cookies. Have your guests take home a chef hat!

Sand Art Party – Use Wilton squeeze bottles to hold 6 different colors of sand.  Each kid picks a bottle and takes turns passing around colored sand to pour into their bottles. Kids love to take home creation to show off to their siblings!  Follow the rainbow theme by serving a fresh fruit tray or kabobs.

Gymnastics Party– Turn your house into a gym!  Cover your floor space with folding mats for a play space.  Complete the theme with ribbons, trophies, and medals.

Dance Party – One of my personal favorites is A Hip- Hop Party!  Enjoy a 45-minute dance lesson led Kidz Bop.  How about a craft activity for your guests? Have the kids make their own microphone to take home.  Swag bags to include sunglasses, wristbands, and a fake gold chain!


Circus for your Animals theme – I tackled this carnival theme when my girls’ turned 5 years old! Outdoor games such as ring toss and a mini pool as a pretend fishing pond.  Hot dogs, boxed animal crackers, pink cotton candy, and even hired a balloon animal artist!

Farm birthday party –Your kids can explore nature with a tour of the nearby park or backyard.  Red and white checked tablecloths, pin the tail on the donkey game and take home terra cotta pots with a packet of seeds.

Pajama Party– One way to beat the heat is to get an early start on the day!  Encourage guests to arrive in pj’s and bring a book. Set out the breakfast table with a cereal bar, egg tacos, and chocolate milk.  Kids can participate in a book exchange to add to their own reading library of Bed Time Stories!

Zilker Summer Musical Party– Set out a few picnic blankets, cupcakes, and juice boxes and watch a FREE show!  This year’s musical Disney’s The Little Mermaid is running July 12th– August 17th

Check out where to have your next birthday party in Austin through our party guide!

What is your favorite summer birthday party theme?


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