For as far back as I can remember I had a love for peaches.  I grew up in Corpus Christi which meant we spent the summer weekends at the beach.  The ice chest would be filled with Coke (not Pepsi), Bologna (yuck), sandwich bread and American cheese.  Peaches were dessert!  Growing up in South Texas we had an ugly overgrown peach tree in our backyard.

At the age of nine, I could be found picking them “too early” because I just couldn’t wait to enjoy the sweet taste of summer!  My Mom would set a “peach limit” per day because you know all of the fiber!  I was an adult living in Austin and discovered the sweet treat of Hill Country Peaches.  Generations of peach growers with farms in this area that date back to the early 1930s.

Texas Peach season is here!

My grocery store carries peaches from Stonewall, Fredericksburg, and Mason.  I recommend a scenic road trip with your family to the Hill Country to visit an orchard.  Some orchards will let you Pick Your Own!

Although, the red skin is pretty to look at I think more beige or yellow in color is the key to a juicy ripe one!  A soft (but not too soft) peach is what you want if you are making ice cream or jam.  A firm ripe peach is good for canning or freezing.  Peaches can sit at room temperature until they “give a little” similar to avocado when ready to eat.  Once ripe you can store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks but honestly, why would you want to? Ripening dates depend on the variety but my absolute favorite is the Freestones which are available in June and July.  Freestones readily separate from the pit resulting in less waste of a perfect fruit!

So what recipes can you make with ripe peaches…


Easy Peach CobblerThis recipe is similar to a dump cake because literally, YOU DO NOT STIR!

Peach Oatmeal Muffins-My girls’ will eat anything in muffin form because I call it a “cupcake cousin”

Peach upside down mini cakes in a muffin pan.

Peach popsicles– A healthy way for the kids “cool off” this summer!

Grilled Peaches– A classic BBQ Party dessert!  Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream then sprinkle cinnamon & sugar.

And if you like Peaches and Pecans try this No Bake Peach Cheesecake.


Peach Salsa– a little fruity and a little heat… perfect for summer.

Peach Caprese Salad- For a tasty salad that looks put together but takes only 15 minutes!  I am thinking Girls Brunch for this one!

Peaches wrapped in Pancetta- a little sweet & a little savory… yummy start to any meal.


Peach Strawberry Wine Slushies – Because Moms need to “cool off” too!

Peach Sangria- who doesn’t love a fresh sangria in summertime??

Peach Milkshake – make your own CFA copycat here.

Peach Iced Tea- what Texan doesn’t crave iced tea in the heat of summer?

Recently, I decided I was ready to try a fresh Georgia Peach.  The Peach Truck tours the country traveling with peaches that are ready to enjoy in just a few days.

It was the most divine flavor but a Texas Peach will always hold my heart!   


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