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10 Must Have Items to Help With Back to School | Stuck On You

Now that it’s August, we are officially in full swing back to school mode. From backpacks to school supplies and everything in between, I’ve been hard at work getting everything together for all 3 of my littles! I have a preschooler, 1st grader, and 3rd grader so there’s a TON to prepare for. I’m a huge proponent of personalized touches – it creates excitement for my kids + it ensures their school items don’t grow legs and walk away. Or if they do, at least we have a better chance of recovering said items 🙂

We love Stuck On You and all of their options + they are the original and the best personalized label company!

Here are 10 MUST HAVE Back to School Items from Stuck On You to Have in Your Artillery + You Can Save 20% On Any Order Just By Using AUSTMOM20 at CheckOut!

Lunch Box :: Stuck On You has the CUTEST personalized lunch boxes. They have so many color and shape options along with reusable sandwich bags. We have a super cute navy blue cooler bag and that thing has been on many adventures and kept everything cold!
BackPack :: I just adore the backpack options that Stuck on You has. Like the lunch boxes, they have various styles of bags to choose from! 

Labels :: From allergy, snack, and daycare labels to shoe, household, and clothing labels – there are so many designs, colors, and overall options at Stuck on You. We have several sheets for our youngest that should last throughout the school year. 

Water Bottle :: Our kids are so hard on water bottles – I don’t know what they do to them throughout the school year, but they end up getting so beaten up. We have a couple of Stuck On You personalized water bottles and they withstand the torture my 8 and 5 year old put them through! Since they’re stainless steal and BPA free they’re just indestructible. The do offer a water bottle replacement lid should you lose it or break it, but the bottle itself will last forever!

Bag Tags :: If you love to personalize, but have a bag that either isn’t able to be monogrammed or you just want a different look, the bag tags are so incredibly easy. We’ve got a couple for our youngest and they’re such great quality! The waterproof and functional designs are long lasting and designed to stay on once attached.

Pencil Case :: I love the Pencil Cases! It’s a great way to stay organized at home too when it’s time to get to that homework station. 

Bento Box :: Forget the soggy sandwiches, limp carrot sticks and melted cheese sticks. Make lunch fun again with our fantastic Bento Box! It’s the exciting new way to quickly pack a healthy and well-balanced lunch. A clever design offers 6 compartments in a handy tray that can be removed from the outer box and popped in the dishwasher (top rack only), with an interchangeable 4 compartment sandwich tray also available. The lid is lined with a leak-proof silicone seal that covers each individual compartment, keeping food separate and fresh.

Learning Book :: Kids love books that are personalized with their name! It makes them more likely to engage with the story and improve their learning. Enhance their numeracy skills with the 123 Learning Book, full of pictures to color and activities to complete. 

Clothing Stamp :: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a faster and easier way to label clothes. At the flick of a wrist, label those seemingly mountainous school uniform pieces, layers and accessories. In a hurry? Stamp your kid’s school gear before running out the door and they can wear it instantly. Just remember that you need to leave at least 2 hours before laundering the stamped garments. For use with a Stuck On You Clothing Name Stamp Pad only.

Duffle Bag :: The perfect bag for those after-school activities, your child will love this handy receptacle to transport their goodies. Being completely waterproof and easy to clean, the bag will suit any weather conditions and can withstand the onslaught of wet and dirty clothing.

If you love any of the Must Have Items or if you peruse the site and find something else you can’t live without – don’t forget to use the code AUSTMOM20 at checkout to save yourself 20% off on your order!

Australia based Stuck On You was founded in 1995 by Carrie Felton, a mom of three boys. A global leader in personalized products for baby & beyond, Stuck On You products are available in more than 15 countries. Felton created Stuck On You to celebrate the individuality of every name, bring joy to new parents with unique, timeless products for every child, save families time, energy and money and help them to lead a more organized life. In addition to a broad offering of labels, the Stuck On You collection includes activity and personalized books, durable and stylish bags, lunchboxes and drink bottles, stationery, bag tags and gorgeous gifts for all ages.

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