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With a new school year approaching, schools are gearing up to welcome large amounts of students in the upcoming weeks. One thing I can’t help but think is that pests have found their way into the empty halls and classrooms of schools vacant for the summer. As a mom worried about keeping harmful chemicals away from my family whenever possible, I did a little research about how Texas schools maintain a pest free environment year round.

Texas mandates an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan for public schools

I discovered that Texas schools are required to follow a green, yellow, and red ranking system of pest control based on the amount of time schools need to be vacant during and after treatments. Although all treatments are performed when students are not present, it is still important to me that my kids’ environment is safe when they return.

Green is a big buzz world in our culture today. There are thousands of home products with “green” labels marking safe uses for humans and the environment. So it’s no surprise that the green pest control category is the least toxic and safest for the environment.

Green is the zone we all try to stay within. At home and in our schools. 

The efforts of inspection, monitoring, biological controls, mechanical and physical controls (including sanitation), are used before the decision is made to apply any pesticides even under the green category.

Pest identification and isolated treatments are a huge part of the IPM plan for reducing the need for an overall pesticide. Boric acid, which is used to reduce ant and roach populations, is derived from Borax, a household cleaner that I just so happen to use in my homemade laundry detergent for my kids. 

Other green products used in organic pesticides contain naturally occurring compounds, such as, Pyrethrum, a botanical ingredient extracted from the Chrysanthemum flower. These botanical compounds have a short residual life and break down easily, making them environmentally friendly. Organic products have a low-toxicity to humans but are effective in keeping insects at bay. The use of organic dusts derived from crushed diatoms (fossilized shells), are also effective in destroying the waxy coating on the insect’s exterior, and in turn, reducing the overall population.

Green pest control for your home too 

For our home pest control needs, I try to stay within green category as well. As a mom, I want to treat my home with the same care and caution our schools do. Texas mandates using a licensed and trained professional to perform all applications. It is important for me to find a home pest control company that has high standards and values that a-line with the requirements for the state’s school system. Trained professionals are knowledgeable in habitats and the reproductive processes of specific pests and can create a treatment and prevention plan to reduce pests using the least hazardous methods. It is important that I found a professional highly trained in the safe application process for our home.

Eco-friendly pest control

Pesticides come with a wide range of long term health concerns. Having small children in my home influences which products I choose to have in and around my home. Chem free believes in reducing our impact on the environment whenever possible. They take pride in using green products with a low toxicity level that are still very effective in keeping insects away. 

Concerned about keeping your home green AND pest free? Contact Chem-Free Pest & Lawn to create a green pest control management plan that fits your family best.


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