The power of a mama’s love is something that is continually shown. Despite being brain dead, a mom in the Czech Republic gave birth to a healthy baby girl 117 days after the mother was declared brain dead. Doctors kept the mother’s body alive artificially in a desperate effort to save the baby.

Reuters reports the unidentified woman, 27, suffered a severe stroke in April and was airlifted to the hospital. She was declared brain-dead shortly after arrival.

With little hope of success in saving the baby, doctors reportedly put the mother on life support and regularly moved her legs to simulate walking in order to help the baby’s growth.

Fifteen weeks after the stroke, doctors at Brno’s University Hospital delivered the 4.7-pound girl on August 15. The delivery happened 34 weeks into the pregnancy.

It’s believed to be a record for the longest artificially-sustained pregnancy in a brain-dead mother. An incredible story of sacrifice and strength.

After the birth, the mother reportedly was disconnected from life support and died. Her husband and other family members were present when she passed.

Well done mama, well done.

What a way to show your baby girl your love & strength. 


  1. Not to be a drag or anything.. but the mother didn’t really do anything as she was already braindead. It was the hospital staff that helped the baby survive. So technically the mother wouldn’t be able to show the baby her love and strength.


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