Target Just Keeps Getting More Awesome…Halloween Costumes For All!

Mamas!!!! We know that mamas of children with disabilities often go out of their way to make creative Halloween costumes. This year, Target has come in with their superhero mask on by creating an option where moms can buy them.

Target’s Hyde and Eek! Boutique has unveiled two Halloween costumes adapted for wheelchair users. The company hopes they’ll help even more children take part in the holiday fun.

One of the collection’s wheelchair covers transforms the chair into a purple princess carriage. The other turns the chair into a pirate ship, complete with a Jolly Roger flag and waves for the wheels…seriously how cool is that?

There are also two new costumes with flat seams and no tags, for children with sensory issues: a shark and a unicorn.

Two years ago, the chain added clothing designed for children with sensory processing sensitivities, which can include autism. Designers removed itchy tags, seams and other details that the children could find irritating or uncomfortable.

Through these collections, the company realized that changing little details of their designs could have a great impact.

Target also unveiled of a series of sensory-friendly home items this spring.


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