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Mamas are busy, amiright? From making breakfast, lunch, and dinner to chauffeuring kids to and fro, finding bandaids for non-existent boo-boos, and EVERYTHING in between, we legit do it all. Don’t get me wrong, there are “some” contributions from family and daddy… but let’s keep it real, we do it ALL!!!! But window cleaning Austin shouldn’t be one of them!

I’m all about simplicity and discovering tips, tricks, ways, & things that will make my life easier so you can imagine my excitement when we added Shine to our family.

From holiday lights to making our windows literally SHINE, the team is also able to tackle pressure washing, gutter cleaning and MORE! The staff is professional, organized, and gets the job done quickly and to perfection… and if I didn’t love it, which I do, it would have been okay because Shine is so committed to exceptional customer experience, the crew literally takes the time to take a final walk with you around your house, inspecting every window for perfection. If a window was missed or just wasn’t cleaned up to your level of standards, they will re-clean the window right there, no questions asked!

***must reside in one of these zip codes :: 78701, 78703, 78704, 78746, 78757, 78741, 78751, 78756, 78702, 78744, 78705, 78712, 78747, 78722, 78745, 78748***

One of the many reasons why customers prefer Shine over competitors is because of the quality of service that they provide. Unlike other companies that rush through jobs, they take the time to ensure that they do each job correctly and to the best of their ability. They also use eco-friendly materials that can help keep the environment as beautiful as your windows.

Shine of Westlake also uses the purest filtered water on the planet, the water they use on your windows has all of the elements removed, leaving you with no spots or streaks.
And while it’s almost impossible to even think about holiday lights when we are still in triple digits, Shine of Westlake uses the highest grade LED lights on the planet and your house really will Shine Bright during the holiday season! Crazy enough, they are already starting to block holiday lighting install days on their calendar, call before they fill up.

From Shine :: “At Shine of Westlake, we believe that we can make a difference in your home or business by keeping those windows clean and clear. Our trained professionals are committed to treating your space as if it was our own, with care and attention to detail. Let us serve you by enhancing your view, clearing you gutters, or decking out your roof and windows with lights for the holidays. Shine of Westlake has proudly served thousands of clients since we first opened for business in 1999, and we’re pleased to have the continued opportunity to serve even more homeowners and business owners throughout the country.”

Shine Specialists That Put Your Needs First

At Shine℠, we strive to utilize the guiding principles that empower our team to make decisions that work towards our mission.

Our core values include:

  • Excellence: We are relentlessly chasing perfection and the absolute highest quality in everything we do.
  • Serving: At the end of the day, the three words we want used to describe us are: loving, serving, and caring.
  • Positive energyIt’s just more fun to be around. We are continually learning, being coached, holding ourselves accountable, and being positive about implementing change.
  • Having fun: This is the lifeblood of our company. If it isn’t fun, we still do it—we just find a way to make it more fun. We’re one big happy Shine℠ family!
  • Safety: We care about each other on our team, and we care about our customers. We do what is safe and avoid anything that isn’t.


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