Children and pest control

Along with the long list of things I didn’t make a priority before kids, pest control was hardly on my radar in my pre-kid days. Then my babies came along and suddenly our current pest control choices freaked me out.

For years, we had been using traditional pest control methods. The kind where a pest control company comes in your home every few months with a pump up spray bottle and drenches your baseboards in God knows what. We did this method without giving a second thought to the chemicals I was bringing in my home. It was simply the way we’d always done it.

New Mom = New Pest Control

Once I became a mom, all that changed. I suddenly didn’t want our traditional means of spraying along all the baseboards in our home to be a threat to my growing babies. I was instantly concerned with the cross contamination of their toys and bedding, as well as, those chemicals reaching their precious lungs, and hands and God forbid, their mouths.

As a new mom, I was intensely aware that children are more vulnerable to the impact of pest control products than adults. In addition to their weak immune system, their liver and kidneys are not fully developed. Because of this, children’s bodies cannot expel toxins as effectively as an adult’s body can.

In addition, young children generally spend time closer to lawns, carpets and flooring where products are applied and are more likely to put their hands, and other items, in their mouth. Because of this, more and more young families, ours included, are choosing lower-impact options which are effective at controlling pests while relying less on potentially problematic ingredients.

Organic pest control

One of the things I love most about living in Austin is the special attention Austinites pay to choosing organic options. Pest control doesn’t have to be the exception to your desires to keep your home organic.

Chem-free Pest & Lawn has come up with methods which are effective but also low-impact. You don’t have to choose between allowing pests into your home or exposing your child to a risky level of chemicals. Armed with knowledge about pest behavior, Chem-Free can take steps to keep your household free of insects, rodents and other pests while minimizing the risks to your loved ones.

Not only am I not trained in the proper application and handling processes of pest controls, as a mom of young children, I simply don’t have the time to add that concern to my already full plate.

The good news is that companies like Chem-free use a variety of techniques to minimize the need for insecticides and other chemically-formulated control measures. These methods include a thorough inspection, monitoring, biological control, mechanical control, and physical control (including sanitation), before the decision is made to apply any low-impact pesticide.

As a certified Green Pro pest control company, Chem-free is regarded as one of Austin’s most earth-friendly pest control businesses.

The most effective way to control pests around your home is not a one-time solution. Instead, it is an ongoing and proactive approach that addresses the specific pests and low-impact ways of eliminating them. So contact Chem-Free to schedule a free consultation, during which they will recommend the best pest control methods to meet your needs and address your concerns.


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