Fall is coming.  Or so they say…

I say, ‘Cooler weather cannot get here soon enough!’  Even if I’m unable to do anything about the outside temps, I can at least decorate the inside of our home, and pin up some pumpkin decor and ready the house for Halloween in the hopes of making it feel like Fall within the enclosed walls of air-conditioned home.

Perhaps this is just what is needed to will the cooler weather our way?

So last weekend, that’s just what we did.  Between all the sporting events and the massive amounts of sweat, we went to work inside the house to create a Fall sanctuary.  Using goodies we already had, we turned printer paper into a very fun and seasonal decoration.  Here’s how you can take a break from the heat and do it too:

Step 1: Gather all the necessary components: cardstock (or printer paper apparently works too), a hole punch, watercolors (you may also use watered down acrylic paints like we did), paint brushes, scissors, stapler and a large strand of twine/jute/ribbon/string (approximately 8 feet in length).

Step 2: Cut the 8.5×11 piece of paper down the center lengthwise, then fold the half in half again.  You choose widthwise or lengthwise this time.  Cut out a leaf-ish shape*, making sure you keep the ‘stem’ wide (4″ or so) as you will eventually accordion this portion.

*Do not make the cuts along the fold

Step 3: Paint the paper using Fall watercolors.  Think reds, oranges, yellows, maybe even some greens and purples.  You may also want to add a stem design using a crayon before painting for some added flare.  After you’re done painting it entirely, lay the wet leaf on some parchment paper to dry.

Step 4: After the leaf is dry, fold the leaf back in half and then accordion the leaf 3-4 times per side.  Staple the stem approximately 1/2″ up the stem, making sure there is enough room for a hole punch below the staple.  Add a hole punch beneath the staple and then fan out the leaf.  (tip: if you want to do this step while some of the leaves are still wet, that’s ok too.  It’ll make for some more shared color and interesting patterns!)

Step 5: String through the hole punch onto your ribbon/yarn and then hang wherever you please.

We love doing arts and crafts, especially when it’s using items we already have at the house.

No need to venture out into the heat!

What other items do you think would be fun to add to this string of leaves?  Acorns?  Beads?


Lo is the Founder + Chief Innovation Officer of Trotting with Tots, a local stroller-toting mama tribe. When not scoping out new trails and neighborhoods to explore with the running group, she spends her time cooking up random vegan concoctions, inflicting pain on friends with her waxing skills, putzing around on her Cricut machine, inventing some new house project for her husband, and/or drinking wine while watching the latest episode of Intervention. Lo is married to her very own Magic Mike, whom she met on an airplane, and is lackey Mom to two munchkins (Gage + Gemma), and an allergy-ridden pup (Killian). She loves the color yellow, the sound of high heels on asphalt and gargantuan wind chimes.


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