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Marriage isn’t easy.

Through different phases of life, marriage is tested by stress, finances, aging parents, and children just to name a few. It takes work to communicate, carve out time to celebrate triumphs and put in the effort to overcome challenges. As the saying goes Happy wife, happy life, but also happy husband, happy home, it goes both ways.

Here are a few of my best practices when it comes to keeping a thriving marriage.

  1. Encouragement – be each other’s number one cheerleader.  Motivate and challenge one another to be the best they can be.  Be the one to tell them to shoot for the stars!
  2. Solo time – spending time apart is healthy and just as important as time together. Missing each other is a sign of strength in a relationship.
  3. Appreciation – who doesn’t love a good compliment!? Compliments and expressing thanks with are small things that mean the most.  Perhaps a sweet love note or a message on the mirror to make the day even better.
  4. Goodnight kisses – ending each night on a pleasant note with a quick goodnight kiss can leave you feeling loved right before your head hits the pillow.
  5. Laughter – making each other laugh in the best and worst of times, will feel good in your soul.
  6. Be present – turn off the tv, put the phones down, and be present with your partner. Being present helps you to be an active listener and allows you to pick up on things without distractions.
  7. Teamwork – teamwork makes the dream work! Cliche I know, but splitting up household chores, and trading off for the bedtime routine reduces the amount of stress on one parent. Your kids will see their parents working together which will instill strong values.
  8. Date nights – keep the spark alive, enjoy uninterrupted adult conversation and reconnect with each other.

What are your tricks for maintaining a happy and healthy relationship with your partner?



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