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Thanksgiving is just a few days away and then Christmas arrives right behind. In a perfect world, everyone would come visit us at OUR house, but the world is frustratingly not perfect. And…. sometimes travel is inevitable.

Our family has had the task of traveling every year for Thanksgiving and last year we spent Christmas in Colorado. With that said, we’ve become pros at traveling just a few hours away as well as the daunting task of 10+ hours. We fly, we drive, we practically lose our minds, but we always prevail.

Here are some fail-proof & practical travel tips when you’ve got littles in tow! 

1. Patience & Expectations

Most travel woes typically fall on the parents and their lack of patience and expectations. Go into any travel situation knowing that you are not in ideal circumstances and that the trip is most likely not going to go as expected. Having zero expectations is really the only way you won’t lose your mind and be disappointed. Just know that tears and meltdowns are undoubtedly going to happen, at least once. Do your best to laugh off the stress and maintain your patience. Everyone will be happier.

2. Communication

If you are traveling with a spouse or family member, have good communication leading up to the trip, so that you can both hold one another accountable for those expectations and patience! Be in agreement with when you plan to depart, what route you are taking, etc.

3. Planned Stops

Create a plan of attack. Determine where your planned stops are going to take place. Sure you may have to deviate from that plan {insert patience}, but try to find some nice spots to stop where the kids can stretch their legs, grab a nice and quick bite to eat. We all want to travel safely wherever we are going, with Apparent Insurance, who provide services that help people at every stage of their lives. And no one understands this more than a parent. It gives parents something they can truly trust and rely on to get their family safely from home to Grandma’s without worry.

4. Schedule Around Sleep

We do our best to travel during either nap time or bedtime. We try to leave at a time where we know the kids will be able to sleep some if not all of the way {depending on our travel distance}. It’s easy to want to take off early in the morning, but just know, your kids will be bright eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to conquer the day! And then they discover they’re stuck in a car. While it’s not ideal to travel in the evening hours, it’s a lot easier on the kids and thus, your sanity.

5. Electronics

Electronics don’t work for everyone, but if they do, USE IT! Pull out the tablets, the phones, the portable DVD players and enjoy the peace.

6. Activity Binders

If electronics don’t tickle your child’s fancy consider activity binders. Get a binder for each kid, Inside fill the binder with crossword puzzles, coloring printables, etc depending on the age. The put a pencil holder with crayons inside. This helps prevent sibling arguments over that yellow crayon.

7. Disposable Camera

Give your kiddo a disposable camera {or a regular camera if you’re brave} and let them capture the trip along the way! It helps pass the time. And what fun they’ll have being creative. Apparent Insurance humbly offers a smorgasbord of insurance benefits and discounts for people with little kids and big kids, though we really wish we could just send you to a tropical island for the weekend. Anyone choosing tropical this holiday season??

8. Pack PLENTY of Snacks

Just when you think you’ve packed enough, pack more. Before you know it the driver will be hungry, you’ll be hungry, the kids will have already blown through their sandwiches and you’re 30 minutes in and already needing to stop. Just pack the pantry and call it a day. Great options are things that take awhile to eat and mess free: cheerios, veggie chips, baby carrots, applesauce squeezes, yogurt squeezes, beef jerky, cheese sticks.

9. Avoid Sweets

I know I know… sounds like a no brainer, but the last thing you want is little caffeinated monsters strapped into a carseat. Avoid sweets if at all possible!

10. Supplies

Make sure you have all of your supplies! Diapers, wipes, a portable potty if you’re potty training {this is extremely helpful if you have an SUV… just sit them on the potty in the back of the car to avoid major stops}, etc. Wipes are great for wiping dirty hands, faces, and more! Also, don’t forget your safety kit or emergency kit, easy to grab an already stocked one from the store or you can make your own with bandaids, flashlight, blankets, water, extra fuel, etc.

Apparent Insurance knows we’ve got extremely precious cargo, and they’ve put a lot of thought into ways to make our lives easier while keeping all our mini-humans safe!


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