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Technically it’s Fall/Winter, but we are still hitting pretty hot temps here in Austin. Just when I think all of the bugs have been frozen to death from the arctic blast we had a few weeks ago, I’m reminded of how unpredictable not only our weather can be, but how relentless the bugs can be! We absolutely love to be outdoors and between sports, swim, going to our family ranch, playing in the backyard, and everything in between, we are faced with mosquitos, gnats, flies, and more all. day. long.

One of my favorite new products that has become a staple in our home is Greenerways Organic. I’m sure insect repellent isn’t one of the most exciting “products” to have at home, but seriously, it’s a necessity in Austin, Texas! Having 3 little ones ranging in age from 3-9 years old, there are so many things to consider before slathering myself {and my kiddos} in some toxic spray just to keep the pesky bugs away. Alas… it’s unavoidable. Here is why our family loves this DEET FREE bug repellent and why yours should too!

5 Reasons Why We Love Greenerways.

  1. Eliminates Insect Phobia — My boys are literally freaked out by things that fly and land on them. I don’t know if it’s a phobia per say, but we can barely make it through an outdoor meal without someone having a panic attack over the flies. Now I can’t guarantee that Greenerways is going to keep all the flies away, but I can promise you that it helps immensely! And at least my littles don’t have mosquito bites from head to toe anymore.
  2. All Natural — Greenerways Organic produces the best, USDA Certified Organic insect repellents and cleaning products on the market. Made in the U.S., all of the products are essential oil-based, Deet-Free, Lab-Tested, safe for the environment, and very affordable. Founder and mompreneur, Jayme Bella, created this brand out of a need for her family and children.
  3. Odor — I haven’t found a single product on the market that is 100% odorless {even if advertised as such}, but Greenerways doesn’t have an obnoxious repellent smell. Often times I decide to just deal with the bugs, because I don’t want to be plagued by the smell of bug spray; however, Greenerways is way more tolerable than any other product I’ve ever tried.
  4. Amazon — Greenerways is sold on Amazon and if you’re Prime, you can have it in 24 hours.
  5. Their Other Products — Y’all they have so many other products like sunscreen bug repellent {yes!!! both!!!}, all purpose cleaner, the best Wonder Balm ever…it’s AMAZING for the lips, and they have essential oils!

The Greenerways products truly are incredible and the best part? I feel so so good about putting them on my family!


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