Let’s be honest. While our spouses are amazing and offer to help out when mom falls sick the entire household comes to a grinding standstill.

No matter how hard our significant others try to pick up the slack, it just isn’t the same. Then there are the kids, they sense weakness and know that this is the best time to test all the limits. Flush stuff down the toilet? Check. Refuse to get dressed so dad can take them to school? Check. Soak the entire bathroom during bath time? Check. 

The list goes on and on.

When anyone else gets sick we work hard to accommodate them, to ensure they get plenty of rest, fluids, and cuddles. When we get sick and crave being on our own so that we can rest up, everyone seems to suddenly need us.

Not just our kids and spouse…

but suddenly the school has decided to put on a three-act play and you’re needed to make costumes, your neighbor is hoping you can watch their dogs while they go on vacation, and work has decided to put on a big presentation and they need you to pull it all together. 

It’s exhausting and frustrating, but I’ll let you in on a secret.

Let it fall apart.

Have the dishes pile up, let the kids make a mess and go to school with mismatched clothes. Let someone else sew up the costumes and ask your neighbor to hire a pet sitter. Tell work that you’re out and they’ll have to ask someone else make the presentation. 

While this piece of advice might sound mean, it really isn’t.

It’s just truthful.

We can’t always be the ones to shoulder everything.

We need to think about ourselves.

So lay back in bed, drink all the fluids, watch all your nostalgic Disney shows (thanks Disney+), and listen to the chaos occurring. 

We need to cut ourselves some slack. Yes, we are superheroes, as moms we’ve earned that title, but even superheroes have to concede when they are overwhelmed.

They have to accept that they need help in order to save the world. 

Everything falls apart when mom is sick, but the second we’re better we’ll be there to pick everyone up with a smile on our face and a cup of coffee in our hands.

You got this mama.



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