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In case you missed the newscedar pollen literally exploded today, and the count is at a near-historic level!

And yes, you read the title right – even with historic pollen levels over the weekend and today, I still feel great, and I’ll share my secret weapon and what I learned about allergy relief in this post.

Cedar pollen is the kryptonite of many Austinites. We’ve all felt dread watching the thick, orange pollen clouds float through our sunny, gorgeous skies in January (as seen in this recent video).  Many of us have asked, “Why doesn’t Austin and the surrounding area just get rid of these cedar trees!?”

By this time of year, I’m usually hiding and seeking shelter from cedar pollen. Sneezing constantly and feeling miserable, I’ll ask myself: neti pot or sleep? I’ll sadly fantasize about an invigorating trail run at Turkey Creek that I know isn’t happening.  So when I was given the opportunity to try Curist, I jumped at it.

Curist, a Brand Created With Doctor Input (and Recommended by My Own Allergy Doctor!)

Curist offers a wide range of physician-curated allergy relief products (all FDA-approved) at roughly half the price of other brand names.  The company’s mission is to use the insights of top, practicing doctors to help people efficiently find affordable allergy products that are most effective for their symptoms. 

True to that mission, the company’s physician advisors are established allergy doctors who help Curist determine which products the company does and does not carry, review all medical content on the website, and share top tips to help customers best manage their allergies. In fact, I found out that my own allergist, Dr. Allen Lieberman, happens to be one of the physician advisors for the company, and then I saw this recent article that said Dr. Lieberman suggests Curist products to his own patients.

…So, this company was selling highly affordable medicine tailored to my allergy symptoms AND recommended by my own allergy doctor?  Plus, I would never have to leave the house and walk through the gross cedar haze to get it?!  I was all in.

How I Got My Customized Curist Relief Kit

The first step was taking a quick quiz to help match my symptoms to the right combination of allergy medications I needed. After 1 to 2 minutes of pretty painless questions, the quiz matched me with the “Complete Allergy Trio,” which was delivered straight to my door in a few days.

Putting My Curist Kit to the Test

After opening the box, I saw these three Curist allergy products:

  1. Allergy Relief was an antihistamine with the same active ingredient as Zyrtec (called cetirizine), which I used in place of my generic Zyrtec. Unsurprisingly, it was just as effective in knocking out my symptoms for 24 hours, and I didn’t feel drowsy.
  2. Allergy Nasal Spray contains the same active ingredient as Flonase (called fluticasone). Most allergy doctors recommend fluticasone spray first because it treats your symptoms right at the source. I used Curist’s fluticasone spray instead of my usual Flonase and it worked really well. It’s also worth mentioning that Flonase is usually one of the more expensive allergy products (Over $26 at CVS, Walgreens and $22.99 at Target), but Curist’s version only costs $12.
  3. Mucus Relief contains the same active ingredient as Mucinex (called guaifenesin) and helps clear out thick mucus clogging up your nose and throat. Unlike brand-name Mucinex, Curist’s version is completely dye-free, which made me feel better about taking it.

The verdict?  I started taking all three products in December, and I’ve been feeling great and keeping up with my family and work, despite these historic pollen levels. I’ve experienced no side effects from any of their products, and while I do sneeze every now and then, I am all smiles on the Turkey Creek trail, bonding with Mother Nature rather than running from her.

Update: the company is offering a special promo code (TEXAS25) to give Texans an additional 25% off its products this cedar allergy season. 

Brittany Jedrzejewski
Brittany’s two children (now a teen and a tween!), have gifted her with the most beautiful name (and role) in the world. Their journey together inspires her to pursue her passion of writing, a powerful catalyst that brings mothers together in sisterhood. As the Preemptive Love Coalition says, “When we live like we all belong to each other, we answer much of the longing in the world.” Brittany is grateful for a work-life balance in digital marketing @gemalto and as a brand architect working with female entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place for their clients. She’s also an outdoor lover, reader, memory maker, runner, joke teller, ambassador for the poor. Looking to publish The Virtual Village. She has a great Brad Pitt story and uses Instagram @brittfarjed to tell her story.


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