We spend our whole lives seemingly wanting more.

More money. More travel. More space. More stuff. More friends. More activities. More EVERYTHING.

Well, I’m just about burnt out on MORE.

For 2020, I want LESS.

I want less stuff. Less commitments. Less clothes. Less cleaning. Less to-do’s. Less projects. Less stress. Less ALL OF IT.

It was January 2017 in particular that launched me into the desire for less. I was driving home from Dallas with my three-month-old and felt an overwhelming sense of too much (of everything). I came home and started purging my clothes. What might have been a tiny dent in my closet at the time was actually a dent into my journey for less.

It’s definitely not a quick fix, particularly when I’ve built a life of attachment to stuff and an addiction to busyness, but I’ve been slowly chipping away at the brick wall of excess, to free my heart, free my soul and free my mind.

And it. feels. good.

Spoiler alert! By having less, you end up having more.

More money that’s not being thrown toward items and activities you don’t really need or care about.

More space to house the items you actually use and covet instead of those you don’t.

More freedom not wasted on commitments that feel like a drain.

More time and energy to do things you love.

More happiness by engaging in activities that bring you joy.

In general, morefrom less.

If you’re held down by the chains of stuff and over-scheduling and whatever else, join me! I don’t care if it takes 10 days or 10 years. I’m on a mission to clear my mind and my space.

Bye clothes that make me feel blah.

Bye projects that I dread more than I enjoy.

Bye overpriced outings that could have been more fun at home.

I want to turn off the screens, cancel plans and maybe even be bored a bit more. I want to quit spending money on things that are low quality and add minimal value.

I want QUALITY over QUANTITY in just about all aspects of my life.

Less distraction. Less burden. Less stuff.

For 2020, I’m aiming for LESS!

(Need some inspo to kick start? The Minimalism documentary or the Tidying Up with Marie Kondo series are good options on Netflix. You can also snag a read from the library. Book ideas: Everything that Remains, Clutterfree with Kids, Simplicity Parenting, How Much Is Too Much?, Minimalist Parenting, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.)


Photography: Jessica Rockowitz Photography + Film

Model: www.thefussymama.com

Kendra Germenis
Kendra joined the mom club in 2016, followed by the #boymom club in Summer 2019. Kendra loves to write, and for AMB, enjoys sharing her new parent experiences, tips, and general love of Austin. For her, life is a balance of spending quality time with her family, pursuing her program management career, and still soaking up life and adventures. She also freelances through her art and design shop, Kitsy Co. Assorted loves: art, date nights, culture, road trips, Bravo, breweries, chocolate, house remodeling, sunshine, live music and patios.


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