It’s winter in Austin.  Cold. Grey. Wet. Albeit short lived – that’s why we live in Texas after all, the blessedly mild and brief winters! 

Still, the crummy weather can get old and leave us feeling gloomy and unmotivated. Here are some tips to help overcome those winter blues in Austin:

Book a 15 to 20 minute sauna.

Shake the cold and warm up from the inside out with a relaxing sauna at your local sauna studio, day spa, or gym.  Relax, drink lots of water, and enjoy the warm buzz of increased circulation for hours to come. If you live in west Austin, I recommend the clean, new saunas at Alive and Well.

Treat yourself to a spa day with a massage, a soak in the hot tub or a mani pedi. 

Lake Austin Spa has the most serene environment that will leave you refreshed…even if you just have a few hours between kid drop off and pick up.

Treat yourself to new make up.

I don’t wear much make-up in the summer, but when the boat is winterized and the pools are closed I take inventory and then freshen my collection.  Stop by a make-up counter at a department store and ask to try on a few new shades to revamp your look. Nordstrom Domain Northside has expert beauty stylists and fabulous brands.

Revamp your closet. 

I like to make room for spring shopping by going through drawers and closets playing “keep or toss?”  Purging unworn items and organizing the keepers can be just as rewarding as actual shopping. Of course, once you have extra space in your drawers, reward yourself with some retail therapy!  Anthropologie at 6th and Lamar never disappoints.

Hit the gym. 

There’s no doubt about it that exercise helps beat winter blues.  Most of the local gyms and yoga studios have member specials in January so it may just be the perfect time to start a fitness routine!

Hot yoga is especially rewarding when it’s cold outside because the promise of a warm studio, like one of our favorites, Wild Heart Yoga, will motivate you to get out of the house.

Plan your Presidents’ Day Weekend or spring break vacation to a warm and sunny location! 

In Texas you don’t have to travel too far to get to a sunny beach. A three day cruise to Cozumel or trip to Cancun might be just the trick.  Our favorite all-inclusive adults only getaway is the Le Blanc Spa Resort…direct flights and butlers at your service. 

Winter is the perfect time to up your skincare game.

With extra time indoors we have more downtime for treatments such as lasers for pigmentation or hair removal or skin peels.  If treatments aren’t for you, maybe it’s time to try a new product or regimens. If your just looking for a quick and easy extra glow apply sunless tanner. I’m a big fan of the Rodan+Fields Reverse Regimen for brighter skin. 

If you’re truly feeling low energy, gaining weight, or sleeping too much, ask your gynecologist or doctor to check your hormone levels to rule out any thyroid issues. 

There are several spots in Austin that administer testosterone pellets for women that give us a boost of energy and last at least 4 months. B-12 shots or a vitamin D supplement could help too.  Natural Bio Health – Austin is my preferred hormone therapy clinic.

This might sound basic, but turn on all the lights in your house and blast some happy tunes! 

If all else fails, you can always wallow in it – light a fire, put on cozy slippers, make a cup of tea and snuggle up with a good book. 

Choose to embrace our brief winter and remember it will be 102 degrees outside before you know it! 

Photography : Laura Morsman Photography


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