Say it ain’t so, but yes, as a stay-at-home-parent, most days feel very mundane and monotonous, even on the glorious weekend. 

We wake (hopefully before the child(ren), make breakfast, get the laundry going, make beds, clean up the dishes from the night before, sip on lukewarm-ish coffee, and consider ourselves lucky if we get a chance at a shower—alone.  It’s a lot of the same, and we very rarely get a break from the ‘Why?’ and the ‘I’m hungry!’ and the tears and the screams.

But… with the routine and the regularity, being a SAHM does tend to get easier (I may have just jinxed myself), and it most definitely has it’s perks. 

Because we are our children’s constant, that also means we don’t miss a smile, a bout of laughter or the milestone moments!  We have been given the opportunity to be a part of it all—from dirty diapers to dimples, from ouchies to elation, and all that squeezes in-between.

And you must admit that when your child needs something, it feels good knowing that they can depend on you to get it done.

Lucky for me, Mondays are one of my favorite days of the week! 

I enjoy Mondays because not only do I fall back into my somewhat organized schedule, but I get the chance for a new start to a new week, as do the kids. 

So even though every day may feel like a Monday, we should welcome it with open arms. 

Because before you know it, we blink, and this phase is gone too. 

Happy Monday to you, today and every day.


Photography: Jessica Rockowitz Photography + Film

Lo is the Founder + Chief Innovation Officer of Trotting with Tots, a local stroller-toting mama tribe. When not scoping out new trails and neighborhoods to explore with the running group, she spends her time cooking up random vegan concoctions, inflicting pain on friends with her waxing skills, putzing around on her Cricut machine, inventing some new house project for her husband, and/or drinking wine while watching the latest episode of Intervention. Lo is married to her very own Magic Mike, whom she met on an airplane, and is lackey Mom to two munchkins (Gage + Gemma), and an allergy-ridden pup (Killian). She loves the color yellow, the sound of high heels on asphalt and gargantuan wind chimes.


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