February may be the shortest month, even with an extra day tacked on every four years, but it’s long on celebrations! It’s a month of love and libraries, freedom and fasting, Black history and personal health. It’s a month of remembrance, reflection, and reverence. It’s also arguably the most misspelled month on the calendar.

Want to get the most out of such an abbreviated month? Here are some ideas for a fantastic February!

  1. Head over to the Bullock Museum to explore Texas history and culture for National Texas Day. (February 1st)
  2. Watch Bill Murray’s 1993 movie Groundhog Day in honor of…well, Groundhog Day. (February 2nd)
  3. Read a favorite children’s book with your child(ren) in celebration of Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week. (First week of February)

  4. Attend, participate, or volunteer for the cause in awareness of World Cancer Day. (February 4th)
  5. Let African American artists inspire your creativity or read a book (or two or three) by a Black author for Black History Month.
  6. Explore the Austin Central Library or your own local library with the kiddo(s) for Library Day and Library Lovers Month. (February 6th)
  7. Go red for women in honor of Heart Disease Awareness Month. (February 7th)
  8. Go ahead and eat ice cream for breakfast. After all, it’s Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. (February 8th).
  9. Schedule dental appointments for the family for National Dental Health Month. (National Toothache Day is February 9th)

  10. Carve out some quiet time with your partner in celebration of World Marriage Day. (February 10th)
  11. Reach out to friends or make a new friend for National Make a Friend Day. (February 11th)
  12. Give into the hype and try intermittent fasting during National Fasting February.
  13. Plan a girls night out (or in) with friends for Galentine’s Day/Friendship Month. (February 13th)
  14. Participate in a Random Act of Kindness Challenge in honor Valentine’s Day. (February 14th)
  15. Consider donating your organs to save a life for National Organ Donor Day. (February 14th)
  16. Look for someone in a grouchy mood and do him/her a favor to cheer ’em up to celebrate National Do a Grouch a Favor Day. (February 16th)
  17. Be humble and lead by example in the spirit of Presidents Day. (February 17th)
  18. Relax and unwind with a glass of your favorite wine in honor of National Drink Wine Day. (February 18th)

  19. Indulge in your favorite chocolate to celebrate Chocolate Mint Day and Chocolate Lover’s Month. (February 19th)
  20. Bake a cherry pie for Great American Pies Month, National Bake for Family Fun Month, AND National Cherry Month. (National Cherry Pie Day is February 20th)
  21. Prepare and eat a hot breakfast today in honor of Hot Breakfast Month.
  22. Sip a margarita in the spirit of National Margarita Day. (February 22nd)
  23. Whip up a batch of Puppy Chow with the kiddo(s) in celebration of National Dog Biscuit Day. (February 23rd)
  24. Do a self-check and/or schedule a wellness check-up with a professional in honor of National Self-Check Month.
  25. Let the good times roll with your favorite spirit and a slice of King cake to celebrate Mardi Gras. (February 25th)
  26. Read a fairy tale to your child for National Tell a Fairy Tale Day. (February 26th)
  27. Try your hand at canning or simply donate canned goods to your local food pantry in celebration of Canned Food Month.
  28. Enjoy your favorite snack food in honor of National Snack Food Month.

  29. Challenge your kiddo(s) to a game of Leap Frog or visit your local trampoline park for an afternoon of leaping for Leap Day. (February 29th)

How are you enjoying your festive February in Austin??


Photography: Lynn Walker Photography


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