Growing up in Austin and its surrounding suburbs most of my life taught me more than I ever learned in any classroom.  My upbringing taught me to help where you can and when you can, meet people where they are, not where you want them to be, and that not everyone is going to want to see you succeed.  These lessons have served me well over the last few years.
As a child and into college, I found solace and happiness playing sports.  I got to see first hand that helping others is a building block to changing the world or, at least, your community.  My love for the lessons found only on courts and fields led me to coach volleyball.  During the season, you can find me on the sidelines usually with way too much caffeine and enthusiasm.
An early onset interest in reading developed into a respect and interest in writing that led to honors courses and writing camps.  I took as many literature and English courses as college would allow before demanding I pick a major.  I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science in Family and Child Development.

While there, I was in a sorority, made a bunch of questionable life and hair choices and studied hard.  Here is where I learned one of the harder lessons; you are not made for everyone.

After some hard fought experiences, I finally had to come to peace with finding my people and loving them hard.
I married Justin right after graduation. Onward into the vast adventure of getting married at 25, trying to be a grown up and figuring out what was next.  We celebrate our 12th anniversary in August.
We had Amelia in 2011 and moved back to Austin from Lewisville.  We had Sam the following year.

Life got a little more interesting when we found out that Sam had autism.  Our lives broke apart and were remade into the life we lead now.

Sam loves trains and order.  Amelia is outgoing, strong willed and loves her friends and sports.  Justin balances the household with his calm temperament and ability to fix just about anything.  I enjoy trying to round out the family dynamic with a little bit of leftover wild from my youth, some spontaneity and a sense of humor.
Balancing life with neurotypical and neurodiverse children can be interesting, difficult and exasperating.  But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love to experience motherhood on the opposite ends of the spectrum.  The greatest lesson that I have been honored to learn was meeting Sam where he was and not just hang out with the insecurities and fears that come with someone who sees the world differently than you.  It was many tears, lots of failed DIY projects and great friends and family that helped me work through it.
As a family that has been left to its own devices after autism, we reached a conclusion that we wanted to out live the expectations that turned into limitations.  We incorporated daily therapy to help Sam.  And, have tried to live a life that reaches out of comfort zones and into adventure and hope.  We ditched the ” What you can Expect” advice and went for a “Let’s see what Happens” approach.  Sometimes, it spectacularly falls apart but other times the outcomes surprise us and leaves us wanting more.

I started a blog about our life shortly after researching autism parenting advice online and coming up short.  You can read about our adventures here: Autism by Heart

We currently live in Georgetown and love the small town southern charm and culture.


  1. So much pride and respect for Jenny. As her father I have seen the hard, emotional yet wonderful journey she has lived with Sam. He is truly a wonderful little boy and her efforts are certainly paying dividends.

    In Jenny’s house she keeps a saying on one of her walls. It reads: “in this house we live not by sight but by faith”. I think that says it all.


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