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Whenever, Wherever, Feel Better

Does this sound familiar… you have prepared food for the rest of the week for the family, you got the kids off to school and soccer and dance and violin, you have figured out how to once again Papier-mâché, you crushed that meeting with the new client and were able to see your husband alone for like 30 minutes before passing out while watching old 30-Rock episodes…and it’s just Tuesday. Then your daughter wakes you up at 3am because she has a sore throat that you just know is going to get worse, and she needs to see a doctor pronto.

You have options:

  • Get dressed, pack up your daughter and go to the ER or Urgent Care and hope to be seen before the sun rises, hope you don’t get charged an arm and a leg and hope you both don’t get another infection from someone else in the waiting room
  • Wait until the pediatrician office opens, hope to get an appointment first thing, so you don’t have to miss work
  • Grab your phone, open the MDBox App, enter in her symptoms, and live video with an MDBox provider within minutes for under $50. Go back to bed. Pick up her prescription first thing in the morning.

Yeah, we know which one you picked.

MDBox is a telehealth provider, which is a medical visit on your phone. For less than $50 per visit, you can live chat with an MDBox medical provider and get a prescription if needed. You and your family can save time and money and get the care you need from the comfort of your own home. 

Telehealth can provide you and your family:

  • Immediate, around-the-clock access to physicians, specialists, and other health care providers that otherwise would not be available in some communities; 
  • The ability to perform remote monitoring from home; and
  • Less expensive and more convenient care options.

Why not download the MDBox App now? That way, the next time you or your family is feeling under the weather, you are ready whenever or wherever to start feeling better.


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