Stephanie was born in Ohio and raised there by many generations of Ohioans, but found her way to Texas via her heart. The summer after her first year of college, she followed her high school crush-turned-boyfriend to Austin. The relationship didn’t last, but her love for Austin did. She wore her “don’t mess with Texas” t-shirt as proudly as any native Texan, and she began living life on her own terms: with freedom and purpose, and lots of live music.

After graduating from UT, at the risk of aging herself, she’ll share that she spent a couple of decades in Colorado, interrupted by a 4 -year stint in the San Francisco Bay Area to complete her doctorate in Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West.

Stephanie is a sensitive soul who takes in the details of the world deeply.

Not being one for large group activities or much small talk, she prefers deep one-on-one conversations centered around pondering the mysteries of life, the imperfections of humanity, or the wonders of the Universe. Her personal interests lie somewhere between bird watching (more like bird chasing), athletics and physical fitness, basketball, personal development, writing, and cultivating an extraordinary outlook on health and healing. She is married to Craig, and she has birthed two sensitive children. Her 12-year-old daughter Chloe, a cancer survivor with an immensely positive attitude, studies circus arts at a preprofessional level. Her son Jordan, a 10-year-old empath, thrives in team sports, particularly baseball and basketball. He’s always up for a round of gaga ball at the park.

As a mother of a cancer survivor, Stephanie has learned that the grace of life lies in the ordinary moments.

While spending day-in and day-out in the hospital with her daughter in 2015, she discovered that when one can be fully present to the moment, there is vast and wonderous richness of experience to behold and to reflect upon. She believes that it’s the experiences shared between us that shape us and that matter the most. As mothers, we are all different, yet we share a common humanity. That humanity is the place from where Stephanie writes.

A lifelong writer, Stephanie started journaling in elementary school. In 8th grade, she earned an A+++ from her language arts teacher on her required journaling. It is through writing that she discovers herself and deepens her connection with life. In the superficial world of social media where the expectation is, “if it’s not posted on Facebook- it didn’t happen,” she prefers to operate from, “if she doesn’t journal it, it didn’t happen.” Her writing is personal, relatable, and insightful. She plans to contribute pieces from her unique perspective on motherhood as a perceptive, deeply feeling mom who’s been through the ringer.

She has written for a handful of publications in Durango, Colorado, and her blog chronicles her family’s successful and empowering childhood cancer journey.

Stephanie was called back to her Texas roots after a serendipitous series of life events. In December of 2019 her family of 4 (plus many pets) embarked on an epic voyage from the mountains of Colorado to their new home in Austin. She is overjoyed to be in Texas again, where the sun sets over the horizon. Austin is a place where she feels an expanded connectedness to the land, the community, and the web of life. Her family is already enjoying bike riding everywhere, even in January (it’s cold in Colorado, y’all), and discovering the many neighborhood trails and parks surrounding her South Austin home.

A practicing chiropractor, she owns Transform Austin Health Center, where she is passionate about helping people rediscover their health, claim their vitality, and live from their true nature. Learn more at


  1. This Wonder Woman is my daughter-in-law. We are so thrilled to see Chloe and Jordan both healthy and thriving!
    I don’t know who wrote the bio but FYI someone has not been through the “ringer” but through the “wringer”….. it refers to the old washing machines which had a wringer to squeeze the water out of the clothes before you hung them on a clothesline with clothespins to dry!


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