Every mom has their list of must-have items, from the best baby gadgets to favorite beauty products, and clever things for the house. I love to trade product recommendations with friends and get excited when I find something new.

Here are some of the things I have found and consider to be a Mommy Must Have:

1. Reusable Baggies

We are big fans of the (re)Zip brand of baggies. They are durable, come in tons of sizes and are dishwasher safe (though I usually hand wash). We use them for snacks, organizing, travel, food storage…basically anything you would use a traditional zip-lock for, but without the plastic waste. Each of my kids have a few that are labeled (see below) for their daily school snacks. Available at lots of retailers including Amazon and (re)Zip

2. Label Maker

This is one of the most used items in our house! I have the Brother P-Touch Embellish Ribbon and Tape printer and love how easy it is to use. Once your kids get to the age where they are in daycare, play groups, Mother’s Day out, preschool, etc…you will need to label everything. Everything. Needs. A. Label. I love that I can create my own labels for my kids’ water bottles, jackets, lunch boxes, etc. I also have used this to label toy bins in their playroom and drawer dividers in their dressers. Available at Amazon and Joann (look for a coupon!)

3. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is an absolute must for any mom. It saves me from having to wash and dry my hair every day and keeps my roots from looking oily. I have started using it with my older daughter as a morning time-saver as well. There is a massive range of options available at Target, Ulta, etc. My favorites are:

4. Revlon One Step Volumizer Hair Dryer

Hands down one of the best purchases I made in 2019. Whether I am starting with freshly washed hair or I am re-freshing yesterday’s hair with dry shampoo, this is the easiest way to get smooth hair with volume. Found on Amazon or Ulta (sometimes with a coupon).

5. Wet-brush

If you have a child with hair that gets easily tangled, or kids with sensitive scalps who hate their hair being brushed, you might want to look into this one. I specifically recommend the flexible Wet Brush. My youngest daughter has hair down to her waist and we can easily brush through it with very little tangles getting caught. I use it on myself and I have recommended it to all my friends. Found mine on Amazon.

6. Dinner Winner Plate

This plate divides up a meal into a board game. Kids eat the food out of each of the spaces and earn a prize at the end. We used this plate to encourage my pickier eater to try new foods. Sometimes when I am making something for dinner that I know is not mu daughter’s favorite, I will divide it up on the Dinner Winner plate to make it more enticing. I have put everything in the ‘treasure box’ from a few M&M’s to a coupon for an extra bedtime book. Found mine on Amazon.

7. Potette

For any mom in the early potty training stages through preschool age kiddos – this is an absolute must have. I kept one of these in the back of my car for years when those “mommy, I have to go right NOW!!” moments would pop up. Great for road trips or long days at the park (and greenbelt). The liners are absorbent and disposable, it folds up compact and is easy to clean. Lots of options on Amazon.

8. Built In Toilet Seat

These smaller toilet seats are such a great alternative to the small removable seat you can set on top of a regular toilet seat. Until your child is comfortable (and big enough) to use a regular toilet seat, these made at-home potty trips more child friendly. Amazon.

9. Mommy Hook

This is one of those gifts I will forever give to every new mom. I have one that is almost 10 years old and I STILL use it. Keep it on your stroller, clip it to your diaper bag, hang it on a shopping cart, etc. There are so many handy uses for this and at under $10, I consider this an Every Mom Must Have. Sold everywhere but found this two pack on Amazon.

10. Magnatiles

One of my all time favorite toys we own is our set of Magnatiles. They are a little bit of an investment, however, my girls are ages 9 and 6 and still play with them regularly. They are a great open ended toy and in my house have been anything from a castle, to a vet office, to a tower, to a microwave, to a spaceship and on and on. We have acquired a couple sets and with regular play over 5 years, they have held up perfectly. Lots of options on Amazon.

Do you have any Mommy Must Have suggestions? Share them in the comments below!

Photography: Lauren Samuels Photography

Lauren Samuels is a Michigander who was eager to move away after graduating from college in 2010. In the past 10 years, she has lived in Florida, California, Nevada and now in Texas. She worked in professional sports for most of her adult life until becoming a SAHM in 2018 after the birth of her daughter, Amelia. She is married to Zach who is her best friend. Their family moved to Lakeway in June 2019 and quickly fell in love with the area. Lauren discovered her passion for photography while capturing special memories of her daughter. She is now a natural light, lifestyle photographer over at Lauren Samuels Photography. She specializes in family, maternity, newborn, fresh 48 and everything in between.


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