Brittany is a native Midwesterner from the same stomping grounds as Paul Rudd and Jason Sudeikis in Kansas City – the Kansas side to be clear because it’s confusing to have one city split down the state line. Soon after graduating college at the University of Missouri Kansas City, Brittany got married and moved to the Missouri side to follow her husband as he finished medical school training.

Like a new training bra, she awkwardly wore the title of medical student’s wife and then resident’s wife and then doctor’s wife. In 2012 once she started “laying children”, as her innocent five year old calls it, she found that the new title of motherhood wasn’t as easy to embrace as she had thought. Nope. That one took time and more nurturing. She recounts this journey of motherhood in her most recent book called Tap In Not Out: How Overwhelmed Moms Can Reclaim Peace, Cultivate a Better Life, and Thrive. She opens up in a candid, old-close-friend kind of way about her struggles and breakthroughs while offering great life hacks and perspectives to help any mom out there. 

Writing has always been a passion for Brittany, but it became a lost love once she had children. “I will write more when the kids are older,” she told herself.  It wasn’t until the end of 2018, when the heavens parted and the Lord sent an earthly angel of a person to impart to Brittany the age old wisdom of mothers who have passed through menopause.

This woman said, “Brittany, you will never have more time. You have to make time now. Don’t wait to write.”

With the deepest conviction, she urged Brittany to not neglect this natural passion in her heart but to honor it instead.

So she started writing, and one year later published her first book. 

That same year, last year, she got divorced. This was not the story she ever dreamed would become her own, but she is finding so much growth in the process of becoming “Brittany” again. More on that in future posts. 

With her two children in tow, she moved to Austin to be near family support. Austin has quickly become home for her little family.

She approves of everything except for the red ants and cedar pollen.

She loves being active. This year her goal is to ride 2,020 miles on her bike. Yikes! She loves cooking, music, a good comedy show, and genuine connection with friends and family. She is falling in love with all the outdoor adventure Austin has to offer. Oh, and the food! So much yummy food. 

Her children have been champions in this massive transition. Her son is an aspiring chef and her daughter is either crafting or doing cartwheels – literally everywhere.

There is so much to be grateful for, and this amazing city is one of those things. Brittany and her kids are proud to call Austin their home now.



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