If you’re a parent, there is a good chance your enjoyment of the Austin scene – everything you love about this city – looks a little different these days. And if you’re a parent on the outskirts of Austin, there’s an even higher chance your regular outings don’t land you downtown. 

You may even stow “that would be fun” ideas in the back of your mind for if and when the opportunity presents itself, yet when you do have a free day to adventure you can’t think of a single thing to do! (Guilty!) An opportunity to explore the city’s core is not to be wasted, though.

There are so many fun, kid-friendly things to do in downtown Austin, for kids and family members of all ages, perfect chance with Spring Break around the corner!

So much to do in this great city. Comment if you have more kid-friendly downtown Austin activities that you love!


Photography: Lindsay Herkert Photography

Lindsay is a San Diego native, living the Austin life for two years now. She loves outdoor adventures with her three children; Declan, Lexi, and Nate and her quick-witted husband Adam of 14 years. She has a passion for documenting life’s ordinary magic through photography and is a proud contributor and team member of Offset Artist and Click Pro. When she’s not taking pictures, you’ll find her running, doing yoga, drinking a chai tea latte or baking chocolate chip cookies. You can find more of her photography on instagram @lindsay.herkert 


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