Mamas – you already know this. These are strange times. It’s hard to keep up with, and even harder to digest, all the things that are happening right now. As we adjust, rearrange schedules, contemplate tough questions, and wonder about the future, it’s easy to feel a little hopeless and a lot lost. But there are ways we can take action, right now, and still keep our families and each other safe.

So, from the comfort of your quarantine, here are 5 things you can do to:

  1. Support SXSW artists, service people, restaurants: Use your Spring Break to support our creatives and service people. EaterAustin is a great resource for ways you can eat, listen and support people who are suffering through this season of cancelations. This article shows lots of different way you can be part of the groundswell of support. If you do go out, double tip. #tipfortwo
  2. Buy now, eat later: Buy gift certificates from some of your favorite local restaurants (online or stop by) so that the owners and staff have the cash now. Then, when things settle down, treat yourself to a night out. Same goes for your salon, kid’s gyms, etc.
  3. Donate your refund: If your nonprofit-hosted play/musical/concert/mime extravaganza was cancelled due to health concerns, consider donating your ticket instead of asking for a refund. Those organizations (plus the actors, stage hands, lighting folks, sound people, etc.) count on those funds to stay solvent and keep making art for us.
  4. Give a little bit (or a lot): Nonprofits are getting hit in two ways. Many of them are having to cancel events and gatherings they depend on to raise programmatic revenue. At the same time, the need for their services will grow. An online donation to one of your favorite nonprofits will mean even more now – and will boost the spirits of these good people who work so hard every day. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider Austin Community Foundation.
  5. Take care of yourself – and each other: These are strange times. It’s stressful and uncertain. Let’s use it as a catalyst to be the kind of people and the kind of community we want to be. Check on your people, hug your kids, buy local. The elderly and other at-risk groups are even more lonely and isolated now. Reaching out (safely) will mean so much. Go ahead and binge-watch something that makes you happy, while you take a break from social media for awhile. Maybe even give away a roll or two of toilet paper. We got this, Austin Mamas.
Sally Blue
I’m a passionate coach and consultant for life and work transitions because I believe in the inherent creativity (and yes joy!) in the hard stuff. I’m a single mom to a pretty amazing middle schooler. We have a black-and-white cat named Peaches and a dwarf hamster named Bluedini, because he escapes like Houdini. I’ve got an incredible squad of friends who support and push me, a loving family, and a weakness for Tex-Mex enchiladas and Murder, She Wrote. I run; I do yoga. I like to hike and travel. I believe in a holistic approach to life and in the power of social impact and giving back. I’m learning to enjoy musicals, use a slow cooker, and nap. Find me at or


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