Covid-19 is changing the way we do life and we are being asked to quarantine ourselves for awhile.  However, just like in all things, we can find some nuggets that are good, lovely and pure.  Spending quality time with family is important on any day.  But it is especially important at this time when children may be a little fearful about what’s happening in the world.  Taking some time to create memories together, can help them and you feel more at ease.

We are making the best out of the time we have with our children at home while still being aware of what’s happening outside in the world.

Here are 5 creative ideas you can use to make this time special and family-focused.

  1. Choose a culture to explore and celebrate – We are exploring and celebrating Creole and Cajun culture.  My husband and I were able to learn tons from our grandparents as kids.  However, our children does not have the luxury of hearing those stories firsthand.  So we are cooking traditional, Louisiana meals together, learning French Creole words and phrases, sharing stories that we were told and reading about our history in published work.  We are also voting on a different culture to explore and celebrate as well.  If you don’t know much about the history and richness of your culture, this is the perfect time to explore and celebrate it together.  Learning about your culture can boost  pride in your family and in who they are.  Learning about different cultures gives them a sense of what makes us all similar yet unique.  We can all learn from each other.
  2. Create a family holiday or tradition – Every year, we unintentionally create a new family tradition or holiday.  This time, we are intentionally creating both!  Starting next week, we are celebrating our holiday, “The Anders 7 in Heaven” and we will celebrate it every third week of the month.  My 8-year old, Isaiah, chose this name because he said that time together is special and it’s like being in heaven.  I couldn’t agree more.  Each day of the week will hold a different tradition.  One day includes giving to a charitable cause and another day we will turn off all devices and have conversations about anything and everything.  Create your holiday or traditions based on your values and vision as a family.  Choose whatever is the most important to you and make it fun.
  3. Create a family game – We love to play games together, but everyone is so picky about what games to play.  So we’ve decided that we will create a game together.  Because my sons and husband is going through sports withdrawals, they are anxious to kick, throw or shoot a ball.  I’m leaving the logistics of the game to them since they are the sports experts.  My daughter, Hannah, and I are in charge of uniforms.  This will be interesting.  Maybe your children are super talented at drawing or coloring.  Encourage them to draw and color the game pieces for your family board game while you help create the rules.  If they are interested in music, create a game where music is at the center.  Be creative.
  4. Work out together – Of course we are going to schedule some lazy days on the calendar.  However, we are also scheduling time to work out together.  We have so much fun!  Although this is their chance to laugh at how uncoordinated I am, this is a win-win situation for us all.  We get to spend time together and do something that is beneficial for our health and wellness.  Whether it’s in the backyard or the living room, take some time to move together.  Buy a jump rope or a hula hoop and channel your 12-year old self.  Search for a workout on YouTube and sweat together in the living room.  Put some music on and just dance.
  5. Weekend movie nights – Okay, I know movie night is common but you can create your own family theater together.  Everyone will get to choose one movie they want to watch and we will decide which night we actually watch it.  On your designated movie night, you get to pick the movie snack and the design of the “movie theater”.  My teenager, Elijah, loves it when we move the living room furniture around to resemble iPic.  Isaiah loves placing blankets and big pillows on the floor so we can be comfy.  We make indoor s’mores, throw a tasty candy and popcorn snack mix together and press play.  Whether the room is filled with laughter or amazement, the fact that you’re laughing and amazed together is special.

Make the best of this time with the most important people in your life.

Regardless of what you choose to do, you are your children’s safest place so have fun and cherish the moments.



  1. “Woman of Strength” A strong woman won’t let anyone get the best of her…. but a woman of strength gives the best of her to everyone. Keocha, you are an awesome woman, mom, wife, daughter, sister and I am so proud of that special gift you have as a writer as well as many hats you wear. You are a blessing to all those beautiful moms who cross your path. Love Momma. 🙂


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