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Earning extra money to cover expenses is now as easy as snapping a picture of items around your house and uploading it. With the difficulties caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus, people are staying home in self-isolation with the promise of spring in our backyard. While many jobs have also been lost as a result of the health crisis Ruckify wants nothing more than to help the communities affected.

Ruckify offers a unique opportunity for people to generate an alternative stream of income by working from the comfort of their homes! Learn more about how to start your RuckifyStore!

Start Your RuckifyStore (it’s free!)

By starting up your very own RuckifyStore you can start generating rental income. Simply take photos of items in your home and post them on Ruckify. Now each of the items you own have an infinite return on investment. People in your community are looking for items to facilitate their new need to work from home or to entertain their children. When they come across your listed items they can send in requests based on the time period and exchange can be set up using Ruckify’s delivery option. We offer Ruckify Express, our exclusive delivery service that has touchless drop-offs. Then, get your item back (everything is sanitized) and rent it out all over again to continue earning from Ruckify’s marketplace. Did you know you are also covered by the safety of insurance coverage and secure payment processing?

Ruckify is offering a free live virtual training THIS Tuesday March 24th at noon.

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The pressures of buying as a mom

  • There’s always pressure from the kids for the newest, shiniest toy. Half the things you buy, they don’t care about almost immediately after it’s brought home.
  • That’s not to mention the peer pressure and the need to keep up with the latest trends.
  • Kids grow so fast and you spend so much on new items to keep up with them, only for those purchases to take up space when your kids outgrow them.

An easy side hustle

  • Is stuff lying around your house or garage collecting dust? Think about all the forgotten toys, too-small clothes, play equipment, strollers, etc. that have piled up over the years.
  • Instead of throwing them out, consider renting it to your community. With Ruckify, it’s never been easier.
  • Imagine the possibilities: rent out individual items, or entire totes full of toys based on age group! 

Introducing Ruckify

  • This new app is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects the community with an opportunity to share and grow. 
  • Easily post any of your dusty items in the marketplace to generate some extra cash on the side, or consider the rental rather than the buy the next time you need something. Better yet, it’s free to post sign up and post!
  • Ruckify enables you to make a sustainable choice and even takes it a step further. For every sign up to the marketplace and successful transaction, Ruckify plants a tree on your behalf as not only a promotion for sustainability but for growth as well. 

A sustainable choice

  • Sharing is now a symbol of sustainability. Where consumers once bought new, they are sharing what already exists and focusing on the experience rather than the item. 

The bad in buying

  • Millions of things are produced daily, releasing harmful emissions only to end up forgotten, in a garage only a short time later. We experience the high of a new purchase, as that fades, so does the desire to use it. As a result waste production is at a record high and needs to be stopped.  
  • Instead of buying something to use for a short time, you can rent it, enjoy the experience, and send it back for somebody else to use.

The good with sharing

  • Sharing connects you to people in your community that share your passion. It keeps connections local and builds success, favoring the local rental over the big-time purchase.
  • Other local moms might be looking for those items you already have, and it’s a great way to meet them and make new friends! 

Experience more, for less

  • With such a great price, renting is not only sustainable for the planet, but also your wallet. Without big purchases, you save money to experience more and try out anything you want. You have the freedom to try, without the hassle of the buy.

Ruckify has partnered with Moolah U so that your kids can get learn about entrepreneurship and building their own online store alongside a parent! Time to step into the business start up world!  In just one week, your kids will turn their clever idea into a real money making business!  Suddenly they will find it more fun to MAKE money than to spend it.


During the 4 day course, kids will get online for 2 interactive live sessions with a business coach. They will be guided by Mentors through designing a real business plan and launching their business!

On the last day, they pitch their business to the “Barracuda Tank” with a chance to win cash prizes to start their business.

Moolah U is a kid-proven program that over 3000 kids have attended.  Now it’s available live online to do at home!



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