I don’t have to elaborate much to explain why these times are uncertain. Coronavirus – a worldwide pandemic that has flipped the world upside down. 

Many workers now clock in from home. Most students and kids are at home too. Many people are out of jobs. Many who aren’t are either slammed keeping the world go-round or wondering if their job will be next. Some people are just hoping to find toilet paper when they go to the grocery store. Others are 100% focused on protecting their health or the health of others. And many more are just navigating life wondering how COVID-19 will ultimately affect us all in both the short and long-term. I hate to use the word fear – uncertain somehow seems lighter – but the daily doom-and-gloom of this very real, but also surreal, crisis is scary.

So how about sharing some POSITIVES of what will certainly change the face of our world? Can we do that? Not to down-play what’s happening, but to simply shine a moment of light during these difficult times.

Here are some positives I’ve been seeing.

  1. Community is reviving and compassion is rising. All of the sudden we’re helping neighbors. We’re reaching out to our families. We feel for the mom who is having to work from home with her kids. Leaders and companies are stepping in to help those who are down. We’re checking in on each other. This big world suddenly feels a whole lot smaller. And all because of COVID-19.
  2. We’re learning to be flexible. Can I re-mention the mom having to work from home with her kids? Now adding homeschool teacher to her title. This isn’t the lone sick day. This is for the foreseeable future. And it’s not just mom. It’s dad too. And it’s the bosses who loathe the concept of working from home to start. Life, for many, is still moving, and we’re having to adapt to the new – even if temporary – normal. And all because of COVID-19.
  3. Business models are shifting. Ahem, this crisis may actually expedite the increase of the remote workforce. People will learn how to manage alternative workflows productively because they don’t have a choice. Restaurants are shifting to takeout. The state is allowing cocktail delivery! Fitness groups are going live. And we might just LIKE some of these changes going forward. And all because of COVID-19.
  4. People are getting creative. All of this – working from home, being flexible, shifting businesses – means we’re getting creative and innovative. Creativity is going to help our sanity… and help many make it through. We’re playing restaurant bingo to support local businesses. Pinterest crafts just shot through the roof. The ovens are on again. And without all the mindless appointments and distractions, we’re turning boredom at home into fun. And all because of COVID-19.
  5. People are returning to the kitchen. Despite the abundance of takeout available, we’re stocking up the pantry and avoiding people as much as we can. There are likely extra mouths to feed at home as well, with schools, daycares and offices closed. And I guarantee many cookbooks are open. Nothing like some home-style cooking to lift spirits. And all because of COVID-19.
  6. We’re learning what really matters. It’s funny how quickly you realize what matters most when life around you – and not just you, but the world – is out of your control. Family, friends and community rise to the forefront. Suddenly money and arbitrary, busy schedules do not seem quite as important as your health, your wellness and your loved ones around you.
  7. Things are getting done around the house. It’s really weird that suddenly I’m forced to stay at home, despite all the nights and weekends I’m at home anyway, and now the project to-do list is dwindling. In one weekend we baked, grilled, mowed, did laundry, grocery shopped, put up attic stuff, painted, etc. I’ve heard rumblings of the same, so I can’t be alone on this one! And all because of COVID-19.
  8. We’re learning that slow is ok. Honestly, most of us don’t even know what slow is. Even when we avoid filling up every nook and cranny of our schedule, we’re still at the park, grabbing a bite to eat, running the trail – whatever. When was the last time you just stayed home multiple weekends in a row? I feel like I’m living in the 90’s again. And I’m kind of a fan. And all because of COVID-19.
  9. In a way, we’re connecting more. Anyone met new neighbors recently? Or shouted “hello” to someone new walking by? Facetimed with your family and friends? Offered to help your community via Nextdoor? Shared resources via social media? This crisis may be physically distancing us, but at the same time, the walls are coming down. And all because of COVID-19.
  10. The world is resetting. I firmly believe life as we know it will change. From the community spirit to the selflessness of so many that is being required for us to make it through, new and fresh perspectives are being gained. We’re taking life a little less for granted. Hope, connection, compassion, faith. When the dust settles, hopefully the positive momentum will keep going. And all because of COVID-19.

I’m just one person, and this is my perspective. We’re all different, and all of our stories are different. Would love to hear some positives, of any size, from any perspective, that you’ve been seeing lately?

Photo Credit :: www.lindsayherkertphotography.com


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