Celebrating Easter looks a little different this year but the reason remains the same. Easter is a great time to celebrate with your family, and there are plenty of cute Easter activities for families. Whether you’re a group who loves being in the kitchen, you want something a little more active, or you’re happy to snuggle up on the couch and throw on a movie, these family Easter activities AT HOME will have you feeling the joy of the holiday, even during these difficult and uncertain times.

Let’s hop to the various ways we can make this occasion fun for the family:

  • Decorate your home style

Take inspiration from Pinterest and shop around your home to create an Easter vibe with pastels, burlap and fake floral arrangements. Use materials you have at hand to bring this holiday to life from the comfort of your home.

  • Have an egg hunt

Hide or scatter the candy/toy-filled eggs in your yard and let the fun begin. Consider variations like hiding a golden ticket for each child to find. Something I’m doing this year after the traditional egg hunt is over is a role reversal of sorts. My kids will then hide note-filled eggs in and around my house for me to find. These can be anything from uplifting messages to greetings to wishes to requests.

  • Prep for an in-home scavenger hunt

Plant clues around your home and let your kids solve these to get to the big prize – the Easter basket filled with goodies. Use this video as inspiration for set up and clues.

  • Enjoy a virtual bunny meet

Recruit a friend or family member to dress as the Easter bunny, and let your kids experience the thrill of e-meeting their favorite character over Zoom. Look out for virtual events that may include the Easter bunny.

Ask your neighbors to display decorated paper Easter eggs in their front windows and go on an Easter egg hunt with your loves ones to see how many eggs you can find.

  • Schedule a virtual hangout with family or friends

Thanks to FaceTime and apps like Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Houseparty, it’s never been easier to feel close to loved ones, even when you’re miles away. Organize a virtual Easter lunch with all of the cousins, or tune in to the same church service together. But in your excitement about all the virtual possibilities, don’t forget the less technologically savvy: pick up the phone to wish those loved ones a happy Easter too.

  • Play Easter games

Staying home with family calls for innumerable game nights. Easter should be no different. Try a jelly bean spoon race or Easter bingo. All that and more can be found here.

  • Set up a spring tablescape

Gather around the table for an Easter brunch with pastel tableware. Create a fresh spring look with simple floral arrangements down the center to really make the table bloom. Have fun with sweet pastels to create a heartwarming table setting your family will appreciate. Add in a cookie decorating session with the family.

  • Establish a new Easter tradition.

Rather than focusing on all the ways that the holiday is different this year, use your at-home Easter as an excuse to start a new tradition. Set up a springtime picnic in your backyard, watch an Easter movie with your choice of candy, or make a pillow fort for all the kids and plush bunnies in your home.

Use these ideas to celebrate Easter without leaving your home, and enjoy fun family conversations and take trips down memory lanes. At a time when people and families are staying safe at home, it’s more important than ever to remember how to indulge in simple joys like the Easter season.


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