While just about every family friendly attraction has been halted due to COVID19, there’s still a way to get outside, learn the importance of agriculture and get up-close to exotic game life while making some new furry friends along the way. The Exotic Resort Zoo is a beautiful drive through the Hill Country just outside of Johnson City.

Exotic Resort Zoo in Johnson City has stopped its guided tours but is continuing to offer the public self-guided driving tours of its safari park, which includes more than 600 animals including Aoudad, Kudu, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Elk, Camels and Zebras.

“You don’t have to leave your car,” said manager Donavan Trahan. “It’s like going to get take out. Families can get out, they can spend time together and get the kids out of the house.”

Admission is $16.95 for adults, $15.95 for seniors 60 and over and $13.95 for children 2-12. Now through April 30, the zoo is also offering vouchers for families that visit to return at a later date for a free guided tour. Large buckets of food are $10; small buckets are $6.

“We are family-owned and operated, with no outside assistance for over 600 animals and our employees. We NEED our customers to survive this trying time!” the zoo wrote on its website. “Please don’t forget about your small businesses.”

“Remember, what we are offering now is completely new to us! We have had all hands on deck during these changes and we are doing the best we can! Please forgive us if you have a long wait time or if traffic gets backed up in the pastures. To do your part, please be courteous of those behind you. If it seems that you are creating a traffic jam and cars are piling behind you, you need to pick up the pace! We have no specific timeframes in mind and want you to absolutely get the most out of your experience. But, it is only fair to all of our visitors that we stay moving in a timely fashion!”

The gift shop and public restrooms are closed at the zoo, so plan accordingly. Find details and latest updates at facebook.com/pg/adventurezoosafari.


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