On April 22, 1970 – 50 years ago – the United States celebrated the first Earth Day as a way to provide a voice to what was happening on our planet. This celebration brought support from all sides of politics and included all demographics. That alone is something to celebrate this Earth Day.

In September 2019, more than 10,000 people aged 18-25-year olds—known as Generation Z—in 22 countries took the “Future of humanity” survey. According to Amnesty International, respondents ranked climate change as a vital issue of our time – 41% said climate change was one of the most important issues facing the world, making it the most commonly cited, followed by 36% who chose pollution.

It makes sense, then, that the theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. While climate change may seem like an impossible challenge, there are also tremendous opportunities to act. As parents, we can ensure our kids have the right to a healthy environment.

On April 22, 2020 – and throughout the year as we start a new decade – here are 50 ways we can celebrate Earth Day and make the world a healthier place, all while physically distancing during COVID-19:

  1. Practice grounding (also called earthing): Stand in the grass barefoot to reconnect with the Earth’s subtle electric charge.
  2. Learn about a non-profit this Earth Day who is doing great things for the world.
  3. Listen to Greta Thunberg speak.
  4. Have a scavenger hunt in your yard.
  5. Draw your favorite thing in nature.
  6. Make an Earth Day resolution to incorporate from April 22, 2020 – April 22, 2021.
  7. Put your car in timeout today.
  8. Repeat this statement, “Humans are nature.”
  9. Plant a tree, perhaps a fruit bearing one.
  10. Write a letter to your local congresswoman/man asking for more environmental practices.
  11. Watch a video about how recycling works on Earth Day.
  12. Research the affect coronavirus has had on the climate.
  13. Use the Earth Challenge 2020 app to gather critical environmental data near you.
  14. Make an Earth Day window sign.
  15. Don’t eat meat today. (The U.N. reports that the meat industry is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also estimated that over 1,800 gallons of water are used to produce just a single pound of beef.)
  16. Take the Pesticide Pledge.
  17. Sit outside and count how many birds you see.
  18. Sit by your window and write down all the nature sounds you hear.
  19. Write a story (or draw about picture) about your favorite animal.
  20. Pull weeds or rake leaves and put them in yard waste bags to be recycled.
  21. Try this kid-friendly project to learn about plastic pollution.
  22. Learn about Austin’s carbon footprint (and what that means).
  23. See what Austin is doing to improve our environment. YOU can reduce your carbon footprint!
  24. Meet a Net-Zero Hero and send a nomination to Send your nomination to [email protected]/.
  25. Join the Texas Outdoor Family’s Virtual Ranger Programs throughout April leading up to Family Camp-In May 2.
  26. To support food sustainability, eat an extra serving of veggies today. Maybe even start a garden!
  27. Try this at-home experiment to learn about air quality.
  28. Find the answer to this trivia question: Water covers about xx% of the Earth’s surface.
  29. Do a trash cleanup around your neighborhood.
  30. Watch EARTH, an epic nature documentary.
  31. Use reusable water bottles today…and every day.
  32. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  33. Say no to using paper towels (use a cloth towel instead).
  34. Buy a set of reusable straws.
  35. Find your carbon footprint.
  36. Make little green changes: Use energy-efficient light bulbs.
  37. Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth.
  38. Find all your old devices and recycle them at your nearest Best Buy.
  39. Pick out a plant for your house…
  40. …and collect rain water and use it to water your plant.
  41. Make birdseed treats for your winged friends. Fellow Austin Mom’s blogger has a great recipe to make the treat.
  42. Grab a magnifying glass and go on a bug hunt (worms count!).
  43. Paint rocks.
  44. Plan a visit a Farmers’ Market once post COVID-19 stay at home orders are lifted.
  45. Cook a meal as a family…
  46. …And then wash the dishes by hand.
  47. Try this 31-day zero waste challenge for kids
  48. Tell one of your friends about the history of Earth Day.
  49. Watch a video with Earth Day Network’s President about Earth Day 2020.
  50. Download the iNaturalist app to identify and learn more about the plants and animals you find in your neighborhood (poison ivy is a good plant to recognize!).

Happy Earth Day today and every day. Please share what you’re doing, let’s stay connected and work together to make Mother Earth a healthier and sustainable place.


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