I’ve always felt appreciative of those who contribute to my children’s well being, education and needs. What to do this year for your favorite teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Covid 19 has given me a deeper dive into the true gift of sight. I get to see what the workload of a teacher is first hand. The stress of lesson planning, scheduling, working with grumpy kids and finding unique ways to reach those with special needs. How in the world do they do it? I mean, please let me in on the secrets here.

Here are some ways we can show some much deserved love and appreciation for our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.

  1. FaceTime them for teacher appreciation! Get all dolled up and tell them just how much you love them.
  2. Have your children write what their favorite thing they learned from their teacher was and mail it!
  3. Send some flowers! Or, draw some and drop them off.
  4. Have your children make up a song about their school day and sing it to them in a video clip.
  5. A photo montage of all the kids from the class holding up a sign to make up a message would rock any teachers world.
  6. Pray for them.
  7. Send them dinner from your favorite local spot.
  8. A drive by caravan of students with silly signs.
  9. Origami through the mail this 2020 Teacher Appreciation Week.
  10. Send plant seeds through the mail to just tell them “Thanks for helping me grow!”
Honestly, with all that is going on, teachers deserve this and so much more. Thank you for your love, devotion and talent, teachers!!! We love you.


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