To all the moms every day, but especially this Mother’s Day… we see you. We see long nights and early mornings…we see tired faces that shift into smiles when the little ones come running…We see how without question you put someone else’s needs before yours… we see you give even though you have no more… we see you

We see the first time mom question and second-guess each day, only to remember that she has the blueprint to success engrained in her DNA…we see the courage it takes to ask for help and to adapt…we see you

We see each child take you further than ever thought possible… we see how no matter the odds, you take the hand you were dealt and somehow always manage to get it done… we see you

We see the sadness…we see the pain…we see the loss…we see the dark moments…we see the hard decisions…we see the lowest points and know that from those depths, joy emerges as you remember you are not alone…we see you, moms

We see the tears of joy …we see triumph as you did what only you could do…we see you embrace the most noble duty bestowed up humankind….the raising of a child…the teaching of a generation…the creation of life…we see you

We see the sacrifice…we see the sacrifice…we see the SACRIFICE….no matter what it looks like…we appreciate all the moms and we honor you

To all the Moms this Mother’s Day…from a grateful father, a grateful husband, and a grateful son….we see you

Guest Author :: Bode K. Adeniyi | Father of 3



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